How do you deal with a narcissist?

1.Maintaining a positive outlook

If you can maintain a positive attitude, you may find it easier to deal with more difficult situations.

Even sometimes, people with narcissistic tendencies can often degrade others, and if they can see that it has affected or upset someone, it can encourage them to continue doing so.If you can stay positive and show that what they say doesn’t hurt you, they can think twice about their actions towards you.

Being positive is the best thing you can do, as you should also be in a better mindset.Hopefully this will help you not to influence the behavior of a narcissist so much.

2.Evaluate the context

First, try to find out the situation.A narcissist is not always a narcissist because of his personality. It can also come from certain situations, which then strengthen this personality trait and make it more known.

If someone who has a narcissistic personality has to work with someone who has been offered promotion instead, that person can develop resentment towards the other.This can then highlight their narcissistic tendencies, even if they are not usually so bad. It cannot be addressed to you and can only be out of anger, frustration or grief in certain situations.

Assess the situation so that you become aware of the connection between this personality trait.

3.Setting healthy limits

It is important to set some limits with this person when the relationship has become unhealthy due to their narcissistic personality.

Narcissists may not be able to hear or acknowledge the feelings and concerns you may experience.If you can set some limits in a calm, respectful way, they can listen to you and make more effort in your relationship.

It’s possible they’re going to get angry and defensive.In this case, you might go away a little and revisit the conversation later. If you can talk to this person and set limits, it can make your friendship/relationship easier. This is especially effective if you make sure that you assert yourself even when boundaries are crossed.

4.Don’t take anything personally

When it comes down to it, narcissists can usually project their own insecurity errors or mistakes onto others.You can blame you for something you haven’t done or undermine your self-esteem.

If you can take a step back and look at things from a different perspective, it can be easier for you to deal with it.

Try not to argue with a narcissist, because unfortunately they do not listen to what you have to say.

Instead, tell them that you don’t agree, but don’t continue the conversation.

Find out that this is most likely not for you, but for them.

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