How do you cope with unjustified criticism?

Wrong criticism is annoying to hear.But sometimes you can’t get around it because people occasionally interpret wrong things. In These cases, you have to realise that there is miscommunication going on. In that case, you have to stay quiet and wait until the person is ready with his criticism and then you have to explain what your actual interests were and why the person is wrong.

The last thing you want to do is to jump out of your skin.Imagine jumping out of your skin, people will see that you can’t criticize well and you will be relatively weak as opposed to when you wait and explain later what’s going on.

And that question is actually common.Criticism is also a communication between 2, or more parties. And this communication finds its value in not only the transmitter, but also the receiver.

Hence, ask yourself what impression the sending party has that has expressed this criticism.What experiences has it had, with you, or with others. What assumptions does the criticizing party do. She does not make her statement out of nowhere, there must have been a reason.

However, you may also ask why this criticism appeals to you.Do you recognize something in the statements?

And then, apologize. Such as:

芒 鈧?艗i’m sorry, that you see that so/voelt芒 鈧?/p>

If you think about that, that does not mean that I accept the criticism that I have voiced, but that I have mercy on the criticizing party.

What a nice question.I have received complimentment here last week that I am so easily involved.

How I criticize with criticism is quite simple I always make a underdisc between positive feedback which I always welcome.Here, of course, you really have a little to do. But if I notice that people only criticize only to have acquired cracking and not to give 芒 鈧?艙possible improvers 芒 鈧? Then let me not influence me, because then I know that it comes out of uncertainty of the other person, which is almost always true. Or they are always used to criticism and therefore do not know what else they should do.

Point is if someone gives positve feedback I see it as actually related to myself.But in criticism I see it more as to the person who says it.

I hope you have some of this.

How do I cope with unjustified criticism?

How we call the criticism, it is always an opening for a conversation.From any form of criticism a conversation can arise from which understanding for each other (s deeds) can result.

A short answer, but much harder it should not be made in my opinion.

, There is no such thing as 芒 鈧?虄unjustified Critiek芒 鈧劉.

People are largely a bag of water full of opinions, do not summarize it as an insult.Everyone is full of mistakes, so much is human, 芒 鈧?虄criticizing is even easy 芒 鈧劉: It doesn’t ask much for a man to explode like a water balloon if you poke a hole in it!…

Read, write, think for yourself critically (A ~ B): Grow a thicker skin, because you leave a lot, (though severe), good thoughts that in the short term feel bad just in the water week become like paper.芒 鈧?”and who want to be so week as wet paper?

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