How do you cope with quarrel in the family?

I try to avoid quarrels as much as possible.It is not necessary. If something is wrong then I’ll just try to talk it out with my partner. If it goes out of hand (this is almost never the case), I try to keep my children out of it and not let them notice it. If I and my partner do not agree with it, I just accept it. Everyone is different and no one has the same way of thinking.

We listen to each other, we do not dim any emotion (all feelings are allowed, everything can be felt, no deadly “Let’s keep it cosy” or similar oppressive nonsense), we may be angry with each other (but without Aggression-Keep the heart open, or try that at least, or be aware if you don’t or can) and we stay! Running away and silencing and avoiding is the most commonproblem- enhancing non-solution I’ve seen in many families (including those in which I grew up) and that only leads to contact poverty and ultimately total elimination- Where no one gets richer or happier.
Once the emotions are “unrazed” Kujnen we try to solve till problem “-depending on the nature of the problem.Emotional problems require a whole different “solution” (often questions that are NOT just a “solution”, but only for attention and love) than practical.

What kind of quarrel?What is the cause? Dealing with it as mother, father or child? There are many different responsions… but what should always be dealt with in any disagreement is communication!

Quiet talk/REALLY LISTEN/No stubborn behaviour/WANT to do peace/WANT to make concessions/try to understand the position of the other (from his/her situation)/and sometimes it may also be helpful to NOT respond, if you find yourself being challenged Or that person is just arguing out, then it may be better not to react, and perhaps remove yourself from his/her environment, MAW not give attention to bad or negative behavior.Peace must be SOUGHT from both sides, if not try to react as wisely as possible, stay self-friendly and polite and ignore bad behaviour and speech. This is how I would try to tackle it with the little I know.

By naming the emotions and inviting the other to do the same.

No emotion is ‘ wrong ‘, only the behaviour that one sometimes poses is undesirable.

So clearly make a difference between the person and his behavior.Also, it is not necessary that everyone always agrees with each other. Each one has its opinion and those are all equivalent. If necessary, we make a compromise.

The hardest part is to get to your feelings because all people have emotional trauma from their childhood.And no trauma just wants to say that GE has made something that has stimulated your system at that time. Many people believe that trauma occurs only in very heavy cases. Trauma is when a piece of ourselves is suppressed by ourselves because it hurts too much. These pieces go to the subconscious where they continue to determine our choices until we are made aware of them.

Quarrels are usually good indicators that there are unconscious parts choices to steer.So they are exquisite moments to integrate what we ever had to push away.

It comes to work from the heart.Think with your heart and feel with your intellect is said there. This means that GE uses the wisdom of your heart to weigh what is best. If you can open your heart then GE can experience the deep knowledge of what is right for you. Feeling with your mind then wants to say that you are rationally allowing your feelings. GE is not going to see any further enlargements or distorting to manipulate people with it, but GE allows them, as they are true. Your mind can help you to scan how and what you feel exactly. Emotions are messengers, not a state of being, treat them as well.

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