How do you cope with depression if you don’t have good support (family)?

Help from professional caregivers.Doctors Psychologists Social workers.

I also recommend this if you have good support from family and friends.

I was also in a depression a few years ago.My family was happily supportive in that, but often had trouble understanding me. The rest of my environment was, for my feeling, all but supportive or understanding. I live in a small village in which the thought lives that if you only work hard you have no problems. Note If “Just do this” or “just Do that” and “just don’t set it up, be merry and go ahead then it’s so about” flew me to the ears. Probably well intended, but that was not the time of course. And precisely that feeling understood and supported is very important.

I then, together with my psychologist, chose to participate in a talk group.This group consisted of peers who all had their own problems. This has helped me tremendously. Because I ended up in a group where people understood how I felt. And where I, in a safe environment, could say what I wanted.

Also I have read the book Addicted to Love by Jan Geurtz, this helped me very much when accepting how I am and has given a tremendous boost to my self value.What also helped to make me feel a little better. Reading about this sort of thing has helped me in general. Also because reading gave me some rest.

In addition, it is also good to ask people for help and to clearly indicate what you expect from them.This doesn’t necessarily have to be a family member or friend, maybe you know someone in your area who has experienced the same thing or something similar to you. These people are often willing to help you because they know how it feels. Getting a depression on your own is not easy, so allow yourself to help you. This has been one of the hardest steps for me. I’ve noticed that people often want to help you, but don’t know how to do it. And often you know this yourself best. For example, you want someone who just listens to you or wants someone who gives you advice. Do you want people to take you so that you are away from home or just that they leave you alone. This prevents people from simply doing or saying things that don’t feel fine for you. Choose clearly for yourself and for what you want. You are at the moment (actually always, but now equally extra) the most important person in the story. That means that, to a certain extent, you only have to take account of yourself and not what another thinks or think you need to do.

One thing I’ve learned from my depression has become one of my life mottos.”Everything is good”. Even though life now looks very ugly, it will eventually come right. And you come out as better person. With a piece of luggage that can be very valuable later in your life. Try (however difficult that is) to see it as an instructive period. I can enjoy the beautiful things in life nowadays, as I have seen how ugly it can be. This is just an example, but there are many more examples in which my depression, which I once had, has yielded something beautiful.

I hope you have something to answer my.Do what you feel good for you. Very much success the coming time. And I also hope that a response from you will soon come to this question in which you tell us that you are back in your skin and can handle the whole world again.

It comes well!!

Out of the sick.No good support is rife. There are a lot of people with so-called training to give support, but as the tip comes from most of them the contribution is practically worthless.

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