How do you actually treat a burnout? Have you ever had this and how did you deal with it?

Burnout is in psychology and psychiatry no officially recognized classification.That does not mean, of course, that it does not exist-it does mean that it is a poorly defined concept. The notion that is still most near is ‘ depression ‘.

At the moment, burnout is full of attention-there seems to be an epidemic going on.Precisely that makes me extremely reluctant: what is going on here? There is what to say for the thesis that if burnout does indeed assume epidemic forms you may not have to look primarily at the individual but to the society in which so many people apparently develop complaints. By seeing it as a problem of an individual you may keep the causing and conservation factors intact-factors that lie in society. In other words: Burnout is then a healthy response from a healthy individual to a sicking society.

If this is true, treatment of the individual consists of a kind of adaptation process to a non-functioning society: the course how do I survive a sicking society.I am not enthusiastic about that.

If it’s true, at least.Does society suggest those high or weird requirements? Or does the burnout sufferer itself make high and weird demands, to themselves or to society? What is really so incredibly important that you eat yourself completely empty? Is that really what you are pursuing? Do you run yourself to sew or do another that? And why let yourself be sewing, what is your interest in this?

In short, here is a skeptic to the word.That is a nice way to say that I do not know so well and the whole phenomenon with some suspicion.

Yes, I already had a burnout.

It took 2 years, before I came out.

How did I get out of it, would you think?!

Answer: Difficult and… Step by Step!

A burnout is a physical reflection of the body, which shows that IE is exhausted, on emotional, physical or spiritual plane.

I was treated badly on all 3 planes.

What I did to get out was a lot:

  1. Jammers from my life idk!
  2. Attract more positive people to me
  3. Stay positive
  4. Working on my difficulties, step by step
  5. Rest.

Active resting: So: walking, exercising quiet sports such as swimming… Good sleep…

= Active wait.

From one day to another disappeared that black “mist”!

No joke computer pulling out and the people who are not really your friends outside stairs helps fantastic

Walking in the woods, heath, just nature. To nothing try to think, no images yet words. Observe, but do not appoint what you see, just… Walking. So simple, but so hard to do. This is Karma (action) mediation, freeing yourself from the buzz of thoughts you have made ill. Just walk and stop thinking. First this is hard but believe me, it become easier over time, and time is all you need.

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