How do we know the future?

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We know for sure only what God has revealed about the future; it is a 100% source of information.

the thousand years

recent judgment

As prince of peace, Jesus appears for 1,000 years to establish paradise after the besei.tigung of the organizations Sat.ans – namely politics, falsc.he religion and the korr.upte financial system as well as the gefan.gensetzung Sat.ans.

Bese.itigung Baby.lons of the Big:

Rev.17/15-18 – (NW) Mr President, I would like to ……… And he said to me, “The waters which you saw, where the H.ure sits, mean peoples and crowds, and nations, and tongues.16 And the ten highs you saw, and the wi.lde , these will make the H.ure has.sen and will make them wistful and na.ckt and will make their up.fres.s.en and they will be full of verbr.ennen.17 For God has given it to them to carry out his thoughts, yea [to carry out their thoughts, giving their kingdom to the wil.the until the words of God are fully accomplished.18 And the woman you saw means the great city, which has a kingdom over the kings of the earth.”

Confirmation of politics:

(Daniel 2:44) (NW)……. And in the days of these kings the God of heaven will establish a kingdom that will never be given to the united states.And the kingdom itself will not pass over to any other people. All these kingdoms will be [to prepare an en. de), and even it will stand for indefinite times;

(Revelation 16:13-16) (NW)……. And I saw three unre.ine inspi.rierte expressions [which looked like Fr.ösche, from the Ma.ul des Dra.chen and from the Ma.ul des wil.den Tie.res and from the mouth of falsc.hen Prop.heten go out.14 They are actually from dam.nen to the.pirierte exteriors and perform Ze.ichen, and they move out to the Kings of all the inhabited earth to verse it. of the great day of God, the Great.15 “Look!I come like a Die.b. Happy is whoever stays awake and keeps his outer clothes, so that he does not go with it and one sees his. 16 And they smelt them to the place called Har-Mag .’don in Hebrew.

Bes.eitigung der kor.rupt Financial Power

(Ezekiel 7:19) (NW)……. Their silver will be taken to the streets, and their gold will become something absc.heul.ichem.Neither her silver nor her gold will be able to free her on the day of the Zo.rnaus.bruchs Jeho.vas. They will not fill their souls, nor their intestines.

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Translation basis of the biblical quotations: New World Translation

the thousand years

the youngest Ger.icht

The doctrine of the millennial rule (Millenium) was a doctrine of early Christianity.This period was literally understood. Irenaeus was one of the most important representatives. Irenaeus was a greedy grandchild of the Apostle John via Polycarp, which guarantees the correctness of the millennial view.

Quote from the book “The Church” by Daniel Rops with the Impri.matur

S.387, note 26

even at St. Irenaeus of this pattern of faith and wisdom, part of his work is regarded by the Church as beunru.higend, because he f.icht the thesis of Millen.arism, which by the way was generally regarded as verd.deer, without being explicitly twisted.


He (Irenäus) himself told us that as a fifteen-year-old boy he and his comrades at the foot of St. John’s Day. Polykarp had sat and listened to him uner. tired when he reported on what he had heard about St. John’ John had heard about Jesus. Irenaeus was thus a direct witness to the apostolic tradition, one of the first-class groups to which one likes to refer when one refers to the origins of St. John’s Church. written writing and its transmission.

The thousand years is the period within which, through the Lordship of Christ, with his fellow Beings, the purpose of God will be to make the earth a paradise and to fill it with people who will be brought to perfection.

Event at thebeginning: the Gefa.ngense.tzung Sat.ans (Revelation 20/1,2):

Event at the end: the Losla.ssung Sat.ans and http://Final.prü.fung (Offb.20/7)

Jess.65/17 (NW)……… For behold, I will create new heavens and a new earth; and the earlier things shall not be called into mind, nor shall they arise in the heart.

Since the universe does not need re-energization, and thus not the literal planet Earth, this does not mean the universe, but human society (cf.1.Moses 11/1) with the previous regulation. Humanity (the old earth) is for the most part god.ntalient, either athei.stic or http://reli.giös ir.regel.eitet (Revelation 12/9), and this under the dominion of Sat.ans (of the old heaven).

After the elimination of the orga.nisations Sat.ans (Poli.tische Syst.eme: Dan.2/44) and the world empire of the falsc.hen religion (Baby.lon the Great: Rev.17) and the Gefa.ngens.Sa.tan begins the realization of God’s purpose. the relevant prophecies in this regard describe this period:


first uptake.umung.swork

Hes.39/14 (NW)……. And there will be men for constant [employment) who will be weeded out, who will pass through the land, with those who pass through the surface of the earth, who are greedy on the surface of the earth, to cleanse them.By the end of seven months, they will be constantly on the lookout.

Hes.39/17,18 (NW)……. And as for you, O Son of man, this is what the Sovereign Lord said: ‘Speak to the birds of every kind of wings and to all the wi.lden of the field: “Do join us and come.Versa.mist all around to my Schla.chtop.fer, which I slap for you, a great Sh.lachto.pfer on the mountains of Israel. And you will surely drink Fl.eisch fre.ssen and Bl.ut. 18 You shall rejoice in the Fle.isch of Star.ken, and the B.lut of the rulers of the earth you will trin.ken, Wid.der, young male sheep and goat-slack, young Sti.ere, ma.. stvieh of Bezhan, all of them.


Building paradise

Isa 65/21-25 (NW)……… And they will surely build houses, and inhabit; and they will surely plant vineyards, and eat their fruit yield.22 They shall not build, nor inhabit one; they shall not plant, nor eat one and eat.For the days of a tree shall be the days of my people; and the work of their own hands shall be burned to the plate of my elect.


Peace among people and

Hos.2/18 (NW)…….

And for them on that day I will certainly make a covenant in connection with the will-living T.ier of the field, and with the flying creature of the heavens and the creep.chtier of the earth, and Bo.gen and Sch.wert, and I will be taken out of the land, and I will lay them down in safety.

Isa.11/6-9 (NW)……….. And the W.olf will indeed dwell with the male lamb for a while, and the Leop.ard will store with the little boy, and the calf and the mane young Loth.we and the well-fed beast, all together; and an even little lad will lead them.7 And the cow and the B.,- they shall feed; their young shall store together.And even the Lö.we will eat straw just like the St.ier. 8 And the infant will certainly play on the hole of the Kob.ra; and on the light opening of a gif.tigen Schla.nge a weaned child will actually put his hand.9 They will not cause any shame nor somehow to cause verd.heirs on all my holy mountain; for the earth will surely be filled with the knowledge of Je.hova, as the waters cover the whole sea.


Crane.kheit and Gebr.echen removed

Jes.35/5.6 (NW)……. At that time the eyes of the blind are opened, and the ears of the deaf, they are opened.6 At that time the lame will climb like a deer, and the tongue of the mute will rejoice.For in the wilderness, water will have broken out, and wild streams in the desert.

Jes.33/24 (NW)……….

And no resident will say, “I’m kr.ank.” The people who dwell in [the land) will be forgiven for their forgiveness.



Ps.72/16 (NW)……. There will be abundance of grain on the earth; On the top of the mountains will be abundance; Its fruit will be as at the Labanon, and those who are out of the city will bloom like the plant world of the earth.

Jeson35/7 (NW)…….

And that from the heat.dried soil will have become like a shade and the thirsty soil like water sources. At the whereabouts of Scha. Kalen, a resting place for [she, there will be green grass with reeds and papyrus plants.

Jess.35/1.2 (NW)……. The Wild.nis and the was.serless area will rejoice, and the libertine.enebene will be full of joy and bloom like the saffron.2 It will certainly flourish, and it will indeed rejoice with cheerfulness and cheers.The glory of the Lébanon itself is to be given to it, the splendor of the crmel and sron. There will be those who will see the glory of J.ehova, the splendor of our God


Children’s Blessings

Iss.65/23 (NW)……. They will not bother the more, nor will they mail forwarding service for they are the offspring, consisting of the blessed J.ehovas, and their offspring with them.



Rev.20/11-13 (NW)……… And I saw a great white throne, and the one that sat on it.The earth and the heavens fled from him, and no place was found for them. And I saw the dead, the great and the small, standing before the throne, and scrolls were opened.But another book roll was opened; it is the book roll of life. And the dead were rubbed according to the things written in the scrolls of the book, according to their deeds.

Part 2


a period of religious decisions

Jess.26/9,10 (NW)……. With my soul I have desired you in the night; yes, with my spirit in me, I seek you continually; for if there are for the earth Ger. I have of you, the inhabitants of the able-bodied land will surely learn righteousness.10 Even if the B.o.o.s favor is shown, he simply will not learn justice.In the land of straightness he will act lawly and will not see the Highness Jeho, vas.

So much for the millennial teaching of the Bible.How close is this time?

Rev.11:17,18 (NW)……….and said, “We thank you, Jeh.ova God, you Almighty, who is and who was, because you took your great to you, and began to reign as king 18 But the nations were angry. and your own Zo.rn came, and the appointed time for those to be geriatric, and to give the reward to your slaves, to the prophets, and to the saints, and to those who fear your name, to perdistlate the small and the great, and those who inherit the earth.

God’s grasp would take place if man were to decode the earth.Yes, man is going to perish the earth today, even he is able to live out life on earth; the nations have already become angry twice in two We.ltkr.egen.

Before the beginning of the apok.alyptic time, Christ was enthroned in heaven, Rev.6/2-8) in 1914, and triggered the apoka.lyptic time by the Hinau.swurf Sat.ans.How much time is left

Rev.12/12 (NW)…… Therefore rejoice, heaven and you who are in it.W.before the earth and the sea, because the Teu.fel has come down to you and has great W.ut, knowing that it has only a short time

The heavenly government that will accomplish these things (the New Heaven) consists of Jesus Christ and 144,000 people:

Rev.14/1-3 (NW)…….. And I saw, and behold, the Lamb stood on Mount Zion, and with him a hundred and forty-four thousand, who bore his name, and the name of his father, written on their foreheads.2 And I heard a sound from heaven like the sound of many waters, and like the sound of a loud Don.ner; and the voice I heard was like singers, playing the harp, on their harps.3 And they sing, as it were, a new song before the throne, and before the four living creatures and the elders; and no one could master this song except the hundred and forty-four thousand, the bought from the earth have been.

Dan.7/18 (NW)…….. But the saints of the Most High will receive the kingdom, and they will take possession of the kingdom for the foreseeable future, even for the foreseeable future.

How close are the thousand years?They begin after the egg of God. According to the statement of the Bible from Rev.11/18 after the time when man verdits the earth! Isn’t that already happening??

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