How do we know if the media is manipulating us?

The Catholic theologian, suspended priest, church critic, psychoanalyst, deep psychological exeget, speaker and writer Eugen Drewermann (*1940) is in many ways also critical of the media:

  • Capitalism itself is a permanent war against the rest of the world. This is not a democracy, it is the oligarchy of about 200 multi-billionaires who believe that the world belongs to them and whose interests are apparently worth every sacrifice.”
    ED, 23 December 2014
  • “We should stop believing our mainstream media.

They were purchased by NATO [… and for decades they have been talking to us in a bit of a way, ready to accept war 鈥?as an emergency solution.Actually only for the enforcement of economic interests, but that is not said. [… They lie like printed!”
ED, 7 October 2015

  • “What do you expect from this when capital decides what the editorials are supposed to announce in the media?
  • The mainstream media. The brainwashing is total and it works with a constant lie.”
    ED, 16 December 2015

    • “Nothingcan be believed anymore, what in a newspaper.”
      Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809), 1807
    • ” Die Welt (DIE WELT) is a German national daily newspaper of Axel Springer SE. Founded by the victorious powers of the Second World War in the British Occupation Zone in Hamburg, it first appeared on 2 April 1946 and was taken over by Axel Springer in 1953.”
      Wikipedia entry, as of May 2015

    The networks of influencers in business, politics and journalism are crowding out the open marketplace of ideas.Alpha journalists often represent the positions of the rulers (elites).

    • “The journalists [of FAZ, S眉ddeutsche Zeitung, Zeit und Welt were in line with the elites and even used classical propaganda techniques.”

    Uwe Kr眉ger (*1978) 4 February 2013

    Everyday media manipulation in Germany 鈥?University students are warned against the manipulation of opinion by German “leading media” (allegedly renowned newspapers) and public broadcasters (ARD/ZDF).

    This is even happening in opinion polls, which were supposed to serve the purpose of first finding out what a majority of people think. ZDF’s political barometer is a sad example of this. But where opinion is increasingly made by the media and only received by its users, democracy is in danger. [… The manipulation of opinion formation begins with tendentious language, as it is also used in articles of objective genres in the so-called quality media such as SZ or FAZ.”
    German University Magazine, 28 January 2014

    The German Bild-Zeitung as an opinion-making paternoster

    • Image is not at its core a journalistic medium.”
      Hans-J眉rgen Arlt, Wolfgang Storz, Study “Drucksache Bild”, 6 April 2011

    CIA-funded German Bild newspaper 鈥?Journalists from the Axel Springer publishing house sign the condition to always write positively about the USA and Israel.

    • “At the Springer-Presse Bild-Zeitung, I only know 鈥?as is well known in America 鈥?that the [German national daily newspaper Bild-Zeitung) was founded by the CIA with 7 million dollars.”
      Andreas von B眉low (*1937), 15 September 2013
    • “We can also see from B眉lows’ further comments that journalists confirmed with their signature that they would always write positively about the USA and Israel before they were employed by Axel Springer- Verlag.

    For this purpose, there is a separate clause in the employment contract, which, according to another source, also includes the condition to defend the free social market economy 鈥?in other words capitalism. Conversely, this means that any criticism of the US policy of world conquest or israel’s policy will be prohibited from the outset.”
    Article Bild-Zeitung was founded by theCIA, April 27, 2015

    • “Mass media have always been part of the game and thus a mouthpiece for the prevailing consensus among the elites. As a rule, they acted as a fire accelerator.

    And if senior gentlemen in the industry still like to proclaim ‘objectivity’, ‘independence’ and ‘bipartisanship’ as the ethos of the guild, they do not lie directly, but show a frightening degree of inability to reflect and speak to reality. indirect mockery. This is not meant to be polemical, but a description of the usual professional profile.”
    Quote from Peter Scholl-Latour (1924-2014) August 5, 2017

    Source and more here鈿?span>Critical quotes on opinion manipulation

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