How do some people manage to get rid of their depression?

With a lot of time and effort.Here’s a list of what I’ve done.

(Everything had used up an enormous amount of energy and energy and did not just happen in a few weeks, but years.)

  1. Increasing stamina, I kept setting myself new and stronger reasons to keep going in case one fails came the next.

There were a few days when I gave up, but still kept going because… no plan it had to simply, but above all also fear of suicide.

  • Research: Why do I have this feeling, where does it come from? Had I experienced something bad?
  • Is that what I know now really everything. I went as far as I could go into the depths myself and researched solutions and looked for people who had mastered this.

  • Analysing my thoughts and watching them as if from a bird’s-eye view. Did these thoughts make sense yes or no.
  • If not, I tried not to heed them, which doesn’t always work, if so I went after this thing more. Meditation helped me a lot here.

  • I improved everything I didn’t like or leached.
  • It is not acceptable that I am so young and so fully utilised. “There have to be ways to reduce that burden,” I thought to myself. They exist, but also here just brutally difficult. I separated myself from people who don’t do me good, learned to communicate better. I changed my character several times over the years and looked for all kinds and ways to improve myself.

  • I collapsed and howled everything out.
  • Over and over again, sometimes even with people I trusted very much. In the worst of times, I forced myself to vomit or bite myself just to make me feel better. In my opinion, you should let your feelings out, I had it hidden in me for far too long and piled up. In the end, it made my breakdown much worse.

  • You hear psychologists again and again and psychiatrists should help a lot and that’s why I tried it. Three times it was a complete fall, it didn’t help, didn’t feel taken seriously and just more than failure.
  • The fourth/five (were two at the same time) were great to tell me what I wanted to hear and sent me to a clinic.

  • In the clinic itself I had to work very pro actively, in case I have what I went to the people.
  • I think it’s important here, don’t wait until someone comes to you, you’re there for you.

  • In the end, it was also several times out of my comfort zone and keep things in my own fist.
  • Keeping things for yourself consumes energy, which is why I leave my opinion more and more free in the course. I learned to be myself more, no matter where and in what time I stand. It was almost always my true me and not the one I had built up for my depression. It was simply put off my mask and only needed for emergencies.

  • Very often it helped me to talk to other people in general and to do something.
  • Doing things that bring joy, getting stuck in the eternal negativity is much more strenuous than going out and enjoying life a little bit.

  • The result of all this is, I accept who I am and love myself for all these successes.
  • I’m just happy where I stand now, my efforts keep paying off. I learned to love myself before, but never to the same extent as Today.

    All points but 7 and 10 are things that I continue to do today.

    Disclaimer: This was my way of fighting my depression.

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