How do restaurants use psychology to manipulate our spending and eating habits?

I do not believe that you can influence your business success as a modest (?) restaurant owner with methods that you derive from psychology as a science.I am convinced that your common sense, your people’s knowledge and social intelligence will be more than sufficient.

Psychology, marketing, behavioural psychology, social sciences would be used for the first time in the US in the late 19th century.This is a great myth, given that techniques were already applied by traders who were active long for our time account. The essence of the matter is that consumer behaviour is only one expression of action that is peculiar to human beings.

Academics have attempted to pour sales strategies, purchasing processes and obvious eternal truths into a theoretical framework.The so-called innovative branch of the economy was named ‘ marketing ‘. The brand-fresh term soon formed a generation of sales prophets who deserved their speeches and popularized booklets about what each trader applied for thousands of years.

The same rules were applied when spreading religions.How else could Christianity grow in such a short time from the doctrine of a small-scale sect to the religion of the whole Western world? By sending Paul on the path, sending missionaries to all corners of the then known world. And by very early the ‘ story ‘ and the way it was told at the highest central level not only attractive, but also unambiguous and uniform to make.

There is quite something to be found about the application of psychology in restaurants, but often you have the perception that customers of a business have totally not in hand.Success can be based on happiness and a thorough study and application of psychology in the sector can turn out on a flop.

I have studied marketing myself.There are no secrets or next success formulas. However, there are experiments with flavor enhancers or chemical additives to nutrients that make you stay in food. Why are there people who cannot resist fast food? Because the products burst from a very highly addictive substance (sugar) and fat. In department stores we work with scent differs, which will bring you the water in the mouth for the product that is close to it.


The intense competition and fast-changing trends ensure that the Bikkel can be hard to keep your case in the spotlight.

  • Keep a sharp eye on the balance between the number of new customers you attract and the existing customers you retain.
  • What to do with the customers that show up.

How can you stimulate them to spend more without being pushy?

Both for starters and for more established businesses.To achieve your goal it is important to draw up a clear step-by-step plan.

Realise the importance of the first impression.A regular customer is more inclined to forgive an undersized experience than a new customer. What is more, however, is a quick forgotten visit.
From the extra effort that your guest has a positive impression of his first visit, it’s still a long way to make him a loyal guest


1. Does your City have a ‘ Restaurant week ‘?Take part!
The idea arose in the US. The basic idea is that restaurants in a city determine a week when they put their business to the spotlight.
Participants promote special discounted menus in that week.Discounts are a great way to reach new customers, who otherwise never get over the floor.

2.Use marketing techniques to recruit new customers
The cost of classical methods, such as placing advertisements in local advertising newspapers, the press or printing of own leaflets can add up.However, it is a step too far. The idea of making coupons available in hotels of (tourist) cities will continue to appeal to customers.
A strong social media presence will only cost you your time.Also, when you hire a specialist, it remains an affordable alternative. Depending on the type of city where your business is located, you can fill in your site at will. The possibility to write a review by guests is only one of them.
Online you can find lots of ideas
Social Media Marketing for Restaurants is only one VB.

3.Develop a ‘ new guest program ‘
Usually giving coupons to new guests is part of it.
You can offer your new customers an appetizer or a dessert from the house or a free drink when they take a starter.This is a great way to show your appreciation of their visit.
You can easily find Concrete ideas on the Internet
Starting a First-Time Customer Program in Your Restaurant


Eating out is going to be more than what you get on your plate.It is a social happening. Of a regular customer the staff knows the name. In order to make a social event, in addition to a good service, a personal approach and sometimes a few for particles are essential to stimulate their customers loyalty.
Imagine the (legitimate) question of the real difference in costs and revenues of recruiting new guests and maintaining your existing clientele.Continually attracting new customers can seem ideal. The answer, however, is that you keep regular customers happy more than constantly attracting newbies.
An example of this is investing in expensive billboards.What rises is your name fame, while you hardly win new guests.
Remember that your loyal customers are a great free source of advertising.They are invaluable to the success of your business and deserve a corresponding treatment. People have more confidence in what their friends recommend them than in paid advertising.


1.Develop a customer loyalty program
Most common are customer cards that track the number of visits from a guest to your business and lead to a free extra for the guest.Entrances are expensive and lest a customer feel appreciated scoring free drinks or desserts just as well.
Details can be found at Starting a Loyalty Rewards Program For your Restaurant

2.Be part of your environment
You can organize a charity that will certainly capture the attention and appreciation of neighbourhood dwellers and customers.
Vbn.You can organise a day (and publish the date well in advance) on which you donate 10% of daily earnings to charity.
Giving a cooking class, setting up a beer tasting or suggesting products in some other way can make residents feel more involved in your business.

3.Organize something
This can be quite simple.You can eg. Make room available for neighbourhood events or profile your business as suitable for company dinners. You can also increase your bar revenues or offer a limited menu by organizing a quiz or something similar on traditional quiet week evenings. Invite a music band or a quiz, if you do not hold too rigid to the function of restaurant and if your case lends itself, can generate additional turnover.


Often, guests lack time to wait for a free table or even to sit.Here it can be useful to offer multiple ordering methods.

  • Offer a separate take-out menu : You can sell at times when your case is full
  • Set up a home delivery service : (if feasible) you offer your guests to not having to leave the house
  • Offer meals at different times: You notice a large pedestrian passage for your case in the morning: consider selling fast breakfasts
  • Don’t miss the boat of new technological possibilities : Think of an app that allows guests to order or book or make an online form that they only need to fill in


In English, it sounds less cru: ‘ Upselling Techniques ‘.
A talented waiter can make your business more profitable with a simple chat.The customer does not insist on efficient sales, it is rather to plant the art of the seed that leads him to order more than he intended.


  • Describe an item on the menu
    1st chance to upsell: Shortly after guests sit at the table: encourage waiters to describe a drink (aperitif, cocktail). It may be enough to point to a particular cocktail to order a customer to order one.
  • Please note that guests will order a starter
    (Technique: Idem as with drinks): Zgz.

To help guests with their choice, waiters begin to describe the options on the menu.

  • When deciding on the main course
    (often used upselling technique): The waiter asks the guests if they have an ‘ extra side dish ‘ (e.g.
  • Fries, sandwiches) would wish. He should not forget to say whether or not it is free.

  • Set ‘ The tasting ‘ of more dishes, products for
    (After the starter) the waiter proposes to try a dessert or a digestive.
  • Again, some explanations about some of the options guests may be tempted to make an unforeseen choice.

    When guests visit the business for the first time, there are more upselling moments because they will be more interested in the offer.They are more open to the suggestions of the waiter than guests who come more often.

    More advice: How to upsell in Your Restaurant


    The profit is determined by the number of orders.The more you can welcome new guests to the same tables, the bigger the turnover will be. In English The term for how often a table is occupied is ‘ table turnover ‘, we call it ‘ table rotation ‘. Although you cannot determine the speed of a meal, there are a number of methods to increase the efficiency of the service.


    • Work with an organized placement system
      The number of hostesses ‘ reservations and information, which lead the case, are good indicators of the expected occupancy
    • Make sure that the room staff keeps an eye on the schedule
      Make sure there is enough staff to accommodate all guests in your dining room, and see to it that they serve drinks quickly and present the bill at the end of the meal.
    • Leverage new technology
      Portable devices that avoid over-and-over-handling when processing credit cards
    • Upgrade your dining room
      There are dining rooms that invite the guest to stay longer.

    There are methods that encourage guests to leave after meals. Small groups lead to small tables, making it possible to accommodate larger companies.

  • Keep your menu card compact
    This is a limitation that has a profound impact on time loss: not only does it shorten the choice time of guests, but also the cooking time in the kitchen.
    Solutions for too slow ‘ table turnover ‘ should be viewed on a case-by-event.
  • More advice: 5 Ways Your Restaurant Can Maximize Table Turnover


    Let technology work to your advantage by investing in your website.It’s supposed to look great (but not to create unsolved expectations), to function well and to be accessible on tablets, smartphones, desktops and what will still follow.
    Be present on social media and keep your active presence full.If you don’t have time for it, ask a person responsible for it.
    A professional social media account allows you to distribute announcements.You can also get in touch with your community and give your cause a human face.

    More advice: Top 5 Mobile Marketing Strategies for Restaurants


    An indispensable aspect to succeed and maintain success is to constantly evaluate what can be better.Restaurant owners constantly think about how they can make their working methods and procedures more efficient. When the business is to increase turnover, a lot of factors play a role. The good news is that many basic principles are the same for all types of eateries.
    Basically, you’ll hear the checklist that will increase your customer count while not forgetting your regular customers.Also make use of what modern technology you have to offer.

    It all seems simple.Yet you can do everything according to the booklet and fail.
    External factors that you have no influence on (changed traffic infrastructure, new competitors, legislative adjustments, health problems, stress…) can destroy years of working on the basis of common sense.

    With psychology alone you don’t save it, I fear.


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