How do people make so much money with Clickbank?

Even at Clickbank I haven’t earned so much yet, because I earn my money as an affiliate rather through German affiliate networks like Digistore24, Awin or even with the Amazon partner program.But from a basic principle, Clickbank works very similar to Digistore24 (where I also have a lot of experience with). What bothers me personally at Clickbank is that there are a lot of products not available in German or English products have not been adapted so much to the German market.

Ok, there are two ways to make money at Clickbank.

  1. As a product creator
    (I can’t say so much due to lack of my own experience)
  2. As an affiliate

Making money as a product creator:

If you really want to make a lot of money as a product creator through Clickbank, you need a lot of affiliates to promote your product.And for that, the product has to sell very well.

As an affiliate, for example, when selecting clickbank products that I apply for, I pay attention to the fact that they are well received and valued.(see chart)

All other affiliates (or at least those that travel a bit more professionally) also pay attention to these metrics.

Product creators who make a lot of money on Clickbank are doing these metrics well because they know that otherwise they can hardly inspire the big affiliates for their product.
(For example, begging and personal cover letters don’t help much, as long as the product doesn’t sell well.Affiliates always want to work with those who are already successful.)

Good to improve the key figures of your product as a product creator, you should above all split-test and optimize your sales page(s), improve your product and constantly increase your customer lifetime value.If such things are optimized and the product serves a lucrative market niche, then the clickbank numbers automatically improve and then the affiliates will gradually come along and then you can earn a lot of money as a product creator.

Making money as an affiliate:

As an affiliate, you don’t have to worry much about product creation and optimization.One should only know this to the extent that one can form an opinion as to whether the product creator has done a good job and whether the product will in all probability sell well. A good product is the be-all and end-all if you want to make a lot of money (with Clickbank) as an affiliate.

In addition to a good product, which you can promote, you then need a lot of traffic, which you can direct to the sales page of the product.The more appropriate the traffic is to the product, the better.

And here’s the point of how you can make a lot of money as an affiliate through Clickbank.The large, extremely successful affiliates (before they make the big money) have done the preparatory work by building up reach with a certain target group. Here are a few examples:

  • Websites / Blogs
    Many successful affiliates run large, successful websites, which are visited daily by hundreds or even thousands of people.

Recommending good products is only the last small step that can ultimately bring a lot of money.

  • Youtube Channels/ Instagram Accounts
    Here, too, thousands of people (affiliates) build up reach and trust over the years.
  • For many of them, affiliate revenue is just one source of revenue from many.

  • Email Lists / Facebook Groups / Quora Accounts / WhatsApp Groups / etc.
    It’s always about building reach, building trust with people and (if the product fits well and it really takes people forward) recommending the clickbank product to people.
  • PPC (pay per click)
    One last thing That comes to mind right now is how to make a lot of money as an affiliate is with paid advertising.
  • For example, you turn on ads on Google Ads or Facebook Ads and direct it to the sales page of the Clickbank product.
    (At PPC it should be borne in mind that as an affiliate you can earn a lot ofmoney very quickly, but that these high revenues are also associated with high expenses.That’s why I always wonder about these affiliate gurus when they have demonstrably earned thousands of euros a day “Yes, very impressive that you have earned so much.But how much were your advertising costs to be able to earn so much? ” Profit is still revenue minus expenditure.And these gurus usually show their sales, not their profits. As a result, the numbers often seem gigantic, although often not so much is behind them.)

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