How do our thoughts come about?

The following answer to this question becomes very unfamiliar, and for some seems absurd or/and incomprehensible.

This answer is elementary, however, because it brings back the origin of all thoughts / all thoughts to the very foundations of life, of the universe, and the laws of nature that sustain it.

A spa summary can be found at the end of this text.


From a secular point of view, all thoughts have their origin in what science outlines with so-called quantum mechanics (QM).

This means that at the level of QM, energetic potentials are constantly emerging and disappearing, which are energetic triggers of any energetic-physical manifestations, and thus for thoughts.

Typical of this are SPONTANE potentials of atoms, molecules, in biological cells, etc., etc., etc.

Although the origin of such potentials is easy to explain (pi, constant effects, logical effect, thermodynamics, etc.), it would now become too extensive, and therefore now only the reference to quantum fluctuation, which takes place not only in empty space, but also everywhere, so also in every neuron, in every beetle, plant, man, etc.

Energetic potentials can only appear / arise from nothingness (quantum fluctuation, inparsities)) if they already meet existing potentials.

This universe already contains very large amounts of energetic potentials on the basis of its matter and energies (whose origin is no longer of interest), with the additional perpetual fluctuations continuing both the energy content of the universe. (see also the expansion of space), but in particular the existing energy-material potentials are constantly changing.

This leads to a continuous influence, and internal and external change of all objects of this world, and thus also to an ongoing triggering of changes in neurons, which ultimately lead to so-called thoughts.

Since existing potentials in the form of atoms, molecules, cells, etc.based on previous energy intake (molecular and cell structure), all neural actions / comprehensible thoughts are completely dependent on energy supply, i.e. usually on sugar, minerals, trace elements, etc.

This describes the basic causes of all thoughts:

  1. The quantum mechanical origins of all changes in world objects from quantum fluctuation
  2. The energetic basis of all thoughts (thermodynamics), which is described for so-called living beings with the term food, in contrast to e.g. to cybernetic living beings with the term electric current, isotope source or similar…
  3. First of all, there are potential for change (e.g. so-called

Thoughts) present in the world, the question arises in which direction these works, i.e. not only randomly trigger something, which could ultimately use little to nothing or form.


The following sections to 3. show how in this universe, locally, certain orientations of effects (energetic action potentials) arise:

If the basic energy-material structure of a universe is still homogeneous, so that only the same atoms or molecules exist there, then any energetic influence will change only little in the overall structure.

If, however, the basic energetic structure of a universe already consists of a structure that is still homogeneous, but already more comprehensively structured, such as a crystalline form, then a single small atomic change is sufficient to create a deep and long crack in the the fabric of this world.

The effect becomes even clearer when a spontaneous energetic change (quantum fluctuation, isotope activity, atomic decay, mechanical action, etc.) occurs in a central structure of a more complex being, such as in a sugar molecule, which can then become, for example, a substance with a completely different effect, or if in a central nervous system suddenly some structure is decommissioned.

Each thought is ultimately based on the fact that quantum fluctuation or energy degradation (food, thermodynamics) causes some change in electro-chemical potentials, and thus the person’s view of anything changes that however, this person can never recognize the cause, since it is impossible to currently be able to access individual neurons in order to be able to detect the cause of their altered fire.


The reaction, so to speak of nature, to random influences is ultimately always to secure all structures, whether periodic systems or neuroregions, by strict, mutually securing, stable by solid atomic and molecular bonds. binding systems that are only slightly influenced by random local influences.

For this very reason, all binding systems are so redundantly parallelized with each other and against each other that local random influences cannot easily disrupt or destroy the entire system.

Therefore, for example, the species are so intertwined with genes that even the failure of a (partial) species, i.e. the squirrel, does not lead to the extinction of all species.

At the same time, all basic species, such as archaea or other elementary bacterial species, are vulnerable, but in their quantity (per species) so large that random attacks usually only affect individual colonies or individuals, but very rarely the entire bacterial strain.


It also works with thoughts in brains:

Any accidentally initiated or energetically degraded, energetic potential can make a difference, but the atomic and molecularly very solid structures in the brain convert a large part of all potentials only into heat, but is not able to: to change elementary structures in such a way that in such a parallelized brain too much the fundamental structure changes potentials, actually move too much.

In addition, all potentials are controlled by the environmental factors in the form of all other surrounding individuals and communities.

Any kind of community, whether atom, molecule, cell or individual, secures each other, but especially with each other, in order to avoid or ward off too deviant, and thus destructive impulses.

As already described above, molecular communities are secured by internal lyric atomary and chemical structures in order to escape random influences in order to maintain their community stable (evolutionarily, stronger molecular bonds survive longer), at the same time, however, only weaker bindable at their molecular surfaces, which is the necessary external protection against changes from the outside, i.e. by other molecules.

Communities of animals and humans proceed similarly by assessing external impulses as corresponding, species-protective, species-neutral or species-damaging, whereby the necessary knowledge about


Emotion programs,

Potential for aggression,



Biol.Defence systems,

Immune system



lymbian system


as well as culturally:


to know


different social systems,


Exploitation systems (based on individual and species differences between the individual and peoples involved)


this creates a comprehensive common protection to the outside world for all species, biol.Communities and individuals with a common source of development.


All these strategies for the evolutionary effective protection of species are therefore based on parallelization of all related biological-genetic systems, as well as on descriptions (genes, amygdala) /uses of one’s own species-determining foundations, such as gene alleles , genetic compatibility, etc.

And it is precisely on this background of stabilizing all existing biological-genetic constructs, individuals and species against random influences from QM (quantum fluctuation) and thermodynamics (hunger) that all thoughts that an individual can thinks and can only think.


An individual can only think in the paths and orientations that are genetically predetermined to him, which should be very easily clear compared to animals:

It is impossible to develop thoughts that are not planted in the brain structure of a being/type of neuronal, since the brain structure is genetically designed.

There’s like a computer that can’t integer billing.Even subsequent learning of this function, as many people believe, does not lead to optimal use, if at all, as long as no neuroarea (hardware) is designed for this purpose.

Consequently, each type of thought production is additionally determined by the type and amount of neural brain structures, i.e. filtered.

Filtered because EVERY neuroimpulse is universally effective due to quantum fluctuation and thermodynamics (sugar degradation), but can only become a usable thought if it is directedinto a corresponding orientation, so that it can use the carrier.

The hardware filtering (genes, neuroareas, etc.) and the cultural filtering (ideologies, opinions, media, etc.) of all thoughts thus always serves only the protection of the existing structures and functions of its owners, i.e. the cell or individual clusters, the existing Communities that would not be evolutionarily viable without this filtering.

Unfavorable thought constructs (e.g. bad morals) would therefore endanger the species and individual communities, which is why the filter properties of the neuroconstructs (brains, etc.) that determine the thinking elementary limit the thought output and thereby filter the thought output and thereby to decide.


Evolutionarily, however, a neutral neurofunction has developed in all higher animals, but also in very simple beings, because evolutionarily very favorable, which is able to evaluate and edit content INDEPENDENT of genetic specifications.

Genes force you to react spontaneously to any influence without first turning on the logical apparatus, see feelings of all kinds, aggression, terror, pheromones, immune systems, etc., etc., see also animals and feelings ( emotional programs).

Not only in higher beings, before some real actions arise, a neutral logical evaluation system is upstream, which influences the genetic-emotional spontaneous impulses of action through neutral-logical evaluations.

Depending on the degree of mastery of the individual and his genes of origin, this logical-mental complex is used individually, genetically, less or more.


Neuronal, this logical-neutral evaluation part can be found in the forehead brain, in the stem brain (parallelization and comparison of strategies) and in some other neuroareals, whereby ultimately, with appropriate interconnection, most brain parts also independent of the Amygdala could be used to log thoughts and events.

In more developed beings, thoughts thus consist of a genetic impulse part (genes, amygdala, lymbical system, etc.), and on the other side of an upstream and additional neural-logical evaluation (e.g. forehead brain) of all action impulses and Impressions from knowledge (brain bark, hippocampus) and sensory impulses (senses).

This makes it possible, for example, for humans (but also birds, ants, etc.) to react spontaneously at the same time without turning on the mind (logic part) in case of necessity (fear, defense, sex, etc.), as well as, in contrast, to pursue more extensive strategies, all of which are all pulse suppression (the amygdala, etc.).

Consequently, thoughts consist first of the genetic-evolutionary formation of impulse, thought and action from emotion programs of all kinds, and only afterwards from the thoughts on impulse control from the control systems in the stem and forehead brain, which subsequent control, filtering and regulation of spontaneous pulses.


The hierarchy of thought origin:

  • Quantum fluctuation,
  • potential formation of an energetic and material nature,
  • Changes to structures (thought impulses) due to potential degradation (thermodynamics and quantum fluctuation)
  • by evol.

Self-assurance of atomic, molecule, cell, individual clusters (delimitation, and thus thought alignment)

  • Every change of an energetic-material nature generates changes in energetic potentials, which can be felt e.g. in brains as a change of thoughts (filtering).
  • The evol.
  • Development of a universe leads to the stabilization of all existing structures by various functions for self-assurance, such as selection of more solid molecular and atomic bonds, which makes the resulting structures (e.g. individuals) safer by delimitation of other structures / individuals, in molecules due to weaker binding functions outwardly than inside, which applies absolutely the same for biological communities.

  • Parallelization of all structures takes place continuously, in that only those structures with each other and against each other, which are in a minimum compatible with each other, see e.g. emotion programs.
  • All structures that are not suitable beyond a reasonable degree are erasing against each other, see mutually exclusive nuclear or molecular bonds, exclusionary logics, biological and ideological wars, etc., etc., etc.
  • What remains are structures that allow only suitable thoughts (filtered), and thus do not exclude thoughts that are fair to the basic structure, i.e. simply filter out.
  • *

    All communities, whether nuclear, cell communities or mammalian communities develop strategies that exclude thoughts even within the community structure, whether in the form of social ideologies (socialism, good-manism, religions). etc., etc., etc.), morals, ethics (based on the basic genetic structure (amygdala, forehead brain, etc.) and many other definitions and strategies aimed at maintaining the Community structure and its community ideology (type and quantity).

    Only those of genetic community strategies (amygdala, stem brain, so-calledcultures) etc.) independent logical neural structures (head brain, etc.) that are independent of the amygdala, etc. Assessing and investigating events and impulses of action is to create a neural instrument that limits the impulsiveness of actions, and instead transfers them into so-called thoughts (chains), which represent an action neuralally even before its expiry, which also enables the pictorial and physical, conscious, representations of all thoughts.

    One of the main causes of any more tangible, detectable, i.e. more conscious, thought is the exchange of knowledge within an evolutionary community.

    Only through the advantages of mental exchange (voting strategies) within evol.Communities (survival advantage), only a consciousness of thoughts has developed in brains, and only for the purpose of exchange within the communities (same coding codes).

    Awareness of thoughts only within an individual would be little necessary, since an action could arise in the same way even without conscious thought, since an individual does not have to tell himself what he or she does next.


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    Executive summary:

    The continuous quantum fluctuations and thermodynamic levelling processes on ALL objects of the universe are the causes of all thoughts.

    “Thoughts” become usable only through parallelization processes within the developing clusters, and the resulting world objects, especially the collectives, of all kinds, which can only be understood and usable from internal agreements and norms. thoughts.

    Without these parallelization processes (also called molecular formations, relationship processes and cultures) there are no targeted, and therefore no usable, thoughts.

    At the same time, this means that every thought acquires its meaning only within a collective process / within a culture, with the resulting consequence of meaningfulness and usability.

    Without these collective processing, every thought is without a viable direction.

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