How do narcissists get other women?

In the end, they get women by being professional actors, competitors and love bombers.

Most of them are not as great as they think, but they can improve their “image” by using charisma, charm, flattery and a whole menagerie of various manipulative dark arts, charms and rabbits without a hat.

They tell women that they are desirable, that other women are behind them.Now I know why they are doing this to increase their market value. Most of them don’t even have a penny in their name, they feed on women, and the narcissistic women gnaw at men, often older men.

You are very skilled in seduction techniques to interest you.First, you will be sent thousands of messages a day and you will call without interruption. Then, after a few weeks, they start to hold back. When you move in or get married to a narcissist, this pattern continues – they build you up, then they beat you down and let the clown play.

I couldn’t take mine out of the phone at first.I told him I had to go to work. Of course, he had never done a proper job in his life, so he either didn’t understand the work ethic or didn’t care that I would be fired if I stopped working or I ended up losing my mind and losing my job . Guess what? That is exactly what has happened. I wasn’t fired, but I had to stop working because I was under stress because of him. I also lost my second job because he convinced me to finish the job so he could take over the leadership (while I was completing a teaching certificate) and then stopped working.

That’s a pattern with them!You bring you into this unholy pact with them, where you seem to be bound to Satan himself, and then they begin to sabotage you at the same time. Narcissists put you in situations where you remain helpless and don’t care. That is what is so dangerous about them.

Watch out for anyone who seems to be really manipulative and wants to call you for hours via text message and call.There is something wrong with that. Most people have to work or do something… many narcissists live with an older parent or they leave another partner while secretly cheating. All they do is deal with people and mess up their lives.

Nevertheless, everything is cheating, since the narcissist has no real relationships.I don’t care how many times I have to repeat it, you’ve never been in a relationship with a narcissist, you’ve been in disguise with a hidden prostitute. All they do is reap rewards from their customers (the ignorant victim) and wreak havoc in your life until you have nothing left and you have to start over. Literally!

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