How do introverts behave preferably?

They take longer than extraverts on certain things because they think more.They are sometimes considered lazy because they can’t bear so much hustle and bustle, such large crowds on trains, buses, in public places. Then they often get headaches and feel exhausted. They are not as superficial as many extraverts. However, this makes them more prone to becoming melancholy, as they generally think more about things. Once you have disappointed an introvert, they are relentless and cannot immediately forget that. Basically, they are more emotional than extraverts, although they hardly show it because their inner world is more pronounced. You know a whole range of feelings. From abysmal hatred to idolatrous love, everything is there. With these emotions there are also differentiations again. Hatred of the world feels a little different for an introvert than hatred of a particular person, for example. An extravert often feels the same. Most of the time you are introverted and at the same time highly sensitive (70% of the highly sensitive are also introverted). I would say introverts generally don’t get along so well with the modern life in which you have to work as a team. There they are then considered strange, perhaps even autistic, as they separate themselves voluntarily. During the break, they would rather read a book than talk. If you think you have an arrogant person in front of you who never thanks, salutes quietly, avoids shaking hands, it may be that he is simply introverted and therefore does not want to be so central. Most of the time, however, introverts have accumulated much more knowledge in their lives than extraverts. Precisely because they are more concerned with themselves. So many scientists, lecturers, computer earths, artists, musicians, writers are introverted.

Introverts should not be judged so negatively in society and better supported, I think.It is even a fact that many students have much worse grades than extraverted streakers because of their introversion, although their answers are often better than these. Society needs the silent grumblings more for innovation than the noisy imitators. I wonder when they will finally adapt professions to this and understand that this will lead to more performance. For introverts, the strong reference to social occupations in Germany is downright deadly. For me, it is the case that I am neither mathematically nor scientifically gifted. So what happens? As a non-STEM-influenced introvert, one takes a job in the social sector (care for the elderly, kindergarten teachers, office supplies, public services, etc.) and feels out of place. I’d rather write books, but in Germany it’s very hard to make money to live. ._. Thus, the culture in Germany is getting worse and the work performance in conventional occupations decreases enormously due to overtime and due to the overburdening of the less resilient groups of people (introverted, highly sensitive, mentally ill) social Difficulties. But that is another issue.

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