How do I take a healthy diet?

In order to lose weight, it is essential to understand why the body has increased in the first place and stores the fat.The most common opinion: “You just eat too much and burn too few calories” is unfortunately too short. For example, there are people who eat a lot and unhealthy and do not exercise at all, but are still slim.

In order to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way, it is essential to understand why the body has increased.The original reason comes from the evolutionary history of mankind, in which, in simple terms, there were two situations (see also Jacqueline Hallmann’s answer to Why do you gain weight if you only eat oncea day? ):

  • Oasis: Warm and sufficient food – No reason to build up a fat reserve
  • Famine/Ice Age: Cold and little or at times no food – vitalto-life build up a fat reserve

These two situations are completely different in the stress response that the body has on them:

  • Oasis: Little or very little stress, as everything necessary is there
  • Famine/Ice Age: No acute life threat in which you die immediately, but a constant threat, i.e. constantly slightly increased stress levels

So the body is still using the current stress situation to determine whether it is in the oasis or famine/ice age (although this is of course no longer a problem for most people today).

Today, however, there are many other situations that cause a similar stress response to the famine/ice age.This can be feared (e.g. losing a job, losing war, losing partners and many others), feelings of lack (e.g. not enough love, not enough appreciation, etc.) but also external stress factors such as diets or nutrient deficiencies. Especially with diets you directly teach your body that there is not enough food. Here you can download an eBookthat describes 5 of the most common reasons in more detail:

Thus, when the body determines, on the basis of various signals, that it is in this famine/ice age, it initiates numerous hormonal and chemical changes:

  • It reduces the feeling of satiety
  • It makes the taste buds less sensitive, so you’re more in the mood for fatty and sweet
  • It makes you tired so you don’t feel like exercise or exercise

and many more.So it “forces” you to build up and maintain a fat reserve.

So the way to lose weight sustainably and healthy is to understand what your individual reasons for this famine/ice age mode are.Do you have constant, subliminal fears? Do you feel like you’re not getting enough of something? In order to work on these emotional topics, there are numerous methods of meditation, visualization or other relaxation techniques.

At the same time, it is important to start supplying your body with all the necessary nutrients it needs.So add as much fruit, vegetables and legumes as you can, so that on the one hand you no longer associate with food and on the other hand ensure a sufficient supply of nutrients.

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