How do I stop negative thinking?

You can’t ‘ stop ‘ negative thinking.You can learn to think positively.

First step is that negative thoughts are utterly insignificant.I mean, that they destroy your life is utterly unimportant.

Now the real work.Positive thinking. I’m doing that with a language game. You write down the negative thought, or have them clearly in your head, and then you are going to make a positive thought of it. “I am a dick, I have no right to exist, I am better dead, I never succeed anything, I had not done this.”

Now you can say ‘ I am not a dick, I have a right of existence, I have the right to live, I am successful, I learn from my mistakes. ‘ I say something.

Funny thing is that a denial or confirmation works the same.In ‘ I’m not a dick ‘ the denial falls away and is the same as ‘ I’m a dick ‘. For example, positive would be ‘ I am proud of myself ‘.

I hear you already think ‘ What a driver, this does not strike anywhere, I am not at all proud of myself ‘, but that is then negative thinking.For example, if you rewrite it, you will get ‘ interesting, maybe something is in it, I can be proud of myself. ‘

I think it is a practical approach and benefit greatly.Even in case of unexpected setback, you can play this language game after the first blows, and then you just force yourself to look at the matter differently.

Have fun.

Coincidentally, this was a topic of a Meditation session that I had today with the Mindspace app.

It is very normal to have negative thoughts.There is, however, a difference between “negative thinking” and “negative thoughts”. You can deal with it by recognizing negative thoughts, but not paying too much attention and going back to what you are doing at the moment.

In a video of the Mindspace App, this was visualized as if you were relaxed along the way and all the cars will go by.The cars were compared with the (negative) thoughts and feelings. Let the cars go by instead of going down the road and maneuvering yourself between all those cars (letting you take up and thus thinking negatively).

It is not a matter of empties your head and ignoring the negative thoughts, but acknowledging them, letting them go by and going again.He called this “being in control of your Mind”. I think there is a bit in it, without it being overly unwary.

What helps me is maybe weird to tell but goes like this:

I read a lot about history, about how it used to happen during Roman times, the Middle Ages and the wars.
About how hard people had it then in everyday life.About how slaves were exploited over the centuries by many peoples.
About how people were tortured in the Middle Ages, about how the Jews, Gypsy and other peoples were persecuted during World War II.
I also read a lot about the situation in Africa, the famine, the wars in Syria, Iraq, etc.People who have it very difficult all over the world.

With those things in my mind, I always try to put everything into perspective.What we are already experiencing, stress, physical discomfort, financial problems, relational problems, peanuts are compared to what other people spend their day around the world or what the people in history have had to spend.

We are so spoiled by our quality of life that we dwell too much on the little things that happen to us.We always think that what happens to us must be the worst.

But that’s not it, and reading books or watching movies about history (e.g. persecution of the Jews) or documentaries about difficult situations around the world (me in advance) to see everything in perspective and to be happy with what I have.

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The thought process is an activity of the brain that takes place from birth, all life.From thoughts, actions are undertaken and depending on the extent to which these actions are successful, more positive or negative thoughts will determine the next step in life.

The quality of thinking is decisive for the quality of life.Someone who is always positively tuned will have predominantly positive thoughts, someone who is bleak and negative the other way around.

It is striking that in young people there is a predominantly positive worldview, worn by positive thoughts.But as age increases, the influence of the environment and the results in it is becoming more and more appropriate.

If it is not a part of it and there is a setback, the perception of the world we live in does not get any better, and that feeds the way we think about our world.If it adopts problematic forms, they often seek refuge in alcohol and/or drugs. This creates a negative spiral, which then leads to psychological or other medical counseling or support.

From my experience as a teacher of transcendental meditation, I have experienced students who made a change in their negative spiral with DMV TM.

In the 80tiger years I worked as a TM teacher in Haarlem and surroundings.There was then a psychiatrist who said to his patients: I can prescribe you the rest of life a Valium, a tranqilizer, but you can also start with TM and then chances are you will come out of that negative spiral without medication.

On one of those courses came a couple, whose wife was forwarded by the psychiatrist.A person who was very negative in life, everything and everyone was against her, and she showed continuous marking by quarrel and aggressive behaviour. Her family has been suffering from her negativity for years.

The day after she started with TM, her negativity was completely gone.The problem was fixed overnight. Also for me as a TM teacher it was a ‘ miraculous cure ‘, which I had not experienced before.

But the core of this story is hidden in the knowledge that “deep tranquility” is the all-encompassing solution to all life problems.TM had given her enough rest, in one day, to break the negative spiral.

This at the same time gives insight on how negativity arises and how it can best be solved.Stress, Burnout, PTSD, to name but a few factors, are manifestations of overload, which cause no harmony to be found in the body/mind system. This leads to resistance to all sorts of levels in body and mind. Because nature always strives for balance and harmony. If the overload of work and ambition distorting that balance, then negativity or inability or impotence is a natural logical consequence. Alcohol, drugs and poor nutrition reinforce that pattern.

In America One has developed a successful TM program for veterans from Vietnam and Afgahnistan.These soldiers often lead to PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, where they have to swallow heavy drugs to stay still somewhat alive. The Amigdala or almond core in the brain, the center in the brain responsible for emotions and behavior, of these war victims is completely upset, making them totally no longer able to find rest in their lives. Traumatic acts of war have the effect that they can no longer function normally. These people have no chance to stop negative thinking. The percentage of suicides is therefore shockingly high.

With the help of TM, they often come back to earth within a few weeks and change their lives so that they can function normally.A very gripping account of a few of them can be seen in this video:

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