How do I start to manage my time properly?

Successful people are good at time management. If you also want to be successful in what you do, it is important to organize your day in an effective way.

But where do you start? What should you do to be really effective?

There are many time management tips circulating on the internet, but if you think your time has no value, these tips will not make sense for you either.

If you prefer to stay for TV all day instead of developing yourself, or if you prefer to sleep all day instead of changing your life, then organizing your day for success is not the answer you’re looking for.In that case, you should focus first on what inspires and passionates you.

But if you already think your time is valuable today, then these five tips are to organize your day for you.

1.Plan your day the night before

Before you go to sleep, make sure you start the next day with a goal.Write your action plan for Tomorrow .

For every day, you can record at least a work-related goal, a personal activity, such as groceries, and a few goals for achieving your life’s dream.

2.Plan for interruptions

Make sure you don’t get frustrated.Nothing goes as planned.

You will only be able to organize your day well when you take into account the possible interruptions.So don’t Plan to be full all day, but provide buffer time and time for unforeseen circumstances.

3.Start your day by reaching something big

If you have something great on your To do list, plan it as early as possible in the day. Do it as one of the first activities.This way you have already put at least one productive act.

4.Use an app to stay on track

Of course you can still check your Facebook and Twitter or LinkedIn -you can simply schedule it and limit Jtime so you are not distracted all the time.

In addition to a regular clock, chronometer, or timer, there are even more specialized apps like Toggl, Slimtimer, And RescueTime.

5.Accept the fact that you will not be able to do everything in one day

You’re not Superman or Mega Mindy (or sometimes?) so you can’t do it all in one day.Instead of chasing you to try to finish a big project in one day, make sure you do better for milestones: divide the large project into part projects.Don’t get frustrated if you can’t finish everything you’ve planned too.

You still have the next day.

I was also bothered by this.Manage my time well that was for me but drama. I just did what I wanted to do and how long I wanted to do that. So a way of working can also be good though, but whether it is effective is the question.

Until I ended up searching for a technique, what completely changed me to the way I proceeded.The name of the technique is Pomodoro. What the essence of this technique is is that you keep short but effective work iterations. The concept is a bit long to type out here, but I wrote a blog about it and it is read on: 3 weeks or Pomodoro

I think this will help you a solution!

Okay Here comes my answer, and yes you can conceive it as a doodnoener, yet this is what I hear/do in practice a lot.

By doing what you want done,
By not postpone
I often notice that people who have “prolemen” with them are distrers, “Oh that can wait a while” and things like “I’m going to do it again” or the even worse “that’s still going, but I’ll definitely do it” are many used phrases, however, unfortunately, the postponement is often L, because life meanwhile just continues and situations change

My advice, write down what you all want to do
Grab the agenda, make appointments with yourself what you’re going to do, and keep it

This may already begin with, standing up as the alarm clock goes (many people are inclined to snooze, but those extra 5 or 10 minutes lying down really make no difference in your day, teach yourself to get up as the alarm clock goes, stretch yourself out put a nice music on when you need it T, and work out your plan
Keep your calendar tidy (I use Google Calendar) put what you want to do, and keep it to you!< that last is the key)

As adults we have no more parents who make us enthusiastic for the day, or to make us enthusiastic about doing something, we will have to make ourselves enthusiastic
(and the extra annoying thing is, that as adults we have to do more and more things that are not really super fun, therefore better but right away, you are off, have time for nicer things again)

So do:)

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