How do I start living a healthier lifestyle?

You have decided to start living healthier.But how do you ensure that you actually put this intention into practice?

We are what we are just doing. Therefore, it is so important to be aware of your habits, and to change them when they lead you the wrong way.Finally, it’s your daily routine that determines which direction you follow in your life.

Are there any specific habits you are currently trying to change?Can you use Help to make that change easier?Here are three smart rules to follow when changing habits.

1.Try replacing your habit with another

Stopping a certain habit often creates a void in our lives, a void that we best fill with another habit.

Therefore, it is wise to have a new habit ready, to replace the old one.Because changing your lifestyle means that you consciously find alternatives to old patterns.

Before you start to tackle your habits, think best about an alternative.When you always grab chips or sweets in the afternoon, choose a piece of fruit or raw vegetables. Or instead of watching TV after work, read a book.

Having An alternative ready will help you great in changing your habit. And the following rules also build on them.


Choose a habit that takes as much time

A next smart rule is to replace your old habit with a new habit that occupies about the same time and frequency.

So when you’re just about to do something every day for one hour, find something new that you can do for the same time.

And when you’re just about to smoke 7 cigarettes every day, at ten minutes per cigarette, look for a habit that you can also do 7 times a day for ten minutes.For example, do push-ups or any other exercise every time you would smoke a cigarette.

3.Choose a habit with a similar reward

The last line: Choose a new habit that gives you a similar reward.Each habit proceeds according to a fixed grid: First there is an incentive, then the habit, and finally the reward. That’s what we call an ordinary.Once you’ve discovered your habit, it becomes much easier to change your habits.

The reward is why you keep doing the habit. The reward is the answer to the question: “What do I get out of this habit?” That can be fun, relaxation, entertainment, or something else.

Each habit fulfills a certain need.Once you know that need, you can choose a new habit that fulfills the same need so that you do not continue to crave your old habit.

Changing your habits can be really difficult, but when you follow these rules you make the process a lot easier.Remember that you are especially patient and mildness showing for yourself and not discouraged by small setbacks.

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