How do I recognize a narcissist?

It is generally assumed that of all narcissists (NPS), about one third are female.These numbers seem to be called into question by the recent discovery of covert or hidden narcissism by psychology, as long as women in particular are more likely to develop this hidden type of narcissism. It is much more difficult to determine than the overte or open narcissism with its outwardly magnificent manner. This does not mean, by the way, that men cannot be covered narcissists either. In the narcissism debate, a new state of discussion has arisen with regard to these two types, which has to be crystallized even more precisely by means of new research.

In general, the covert narcissism is seen as a poorly recognizable and therefore also as narcissistic personality disorder.These narcissists appear rather inconspicuous, avoid public attention, live an adapted life and are usually very social and conflict-avoidance. In short, you like to have him as a neighbour or colleague.

All their appearance is aimed at proving their flawlessness.They also make no mistakes and are without mistakes. This actually makes them highly unpleasant exponents of man, who can always be blamed for any mistakes and should also be for personal growth.

The covert narcissist can really turn the other into a snail if he uses unreal words like shit or asshole that slipouts from time to time.He has a fine sense of never putting himself in positions, with some guilt being blamed on him; with the consequence, of course, that the other always has to bear the blame. His nice and pretty presence, his political correctness combined with a highly developed ability to argue make him the eternal winner, but with this he only confirms his egosy self-worth, which, of course, as with all narcissists, is extremely vulgar and gets its feed via the throbbing on this vulneability. But beware, even this winning is not outwardly visible to the covert narcissist. Winning is easy or easy for him to win, which he can easily ignore with a shrug. This is a very separate class of narcissistic glory, just hidden or covered.

Mistakes are never personal to the covert narcissists.This is an extremely powerful manipulative force, provided that these narcissists evade all human beings. They distort their life story in such a way that they skillfully and for the other almost inconspicuously present themselves as victims of others or of circumstances, for which they do not even openly demand pity. In similar circumstances, everyone would have behaved worse or even more viciously than the covert narcissist should have behaved according to the story!

As a rule, however, such stories always lack the concrete evidence.This narcissist therefore listens to the commentary on such stories, which is a sure indication that her story leaves them untouched, which is why they do not correspond to the facts. The empathetic feeling of empathy and empathy in such stories meets a strange coldness in the covert narcissist. He lacks the same sense of his story and the other who engages with it empathically. In the end, they have either a silence or only a bitter cynicism left, which ultimately only underlines its incomparable and incomparable glory, which the silence does; this according to the old motto: how good that no one knows that I have Rumpelstiltskin hot!

As a rule, particularly covered narcissists have little interest in society or politics, but all the more so in matters of personal interest.Even today, the gentle tears come to them when they are reminded of the “terrible” death of Diana or when the Sisi films pull in like soft butter over Christmas. Evil always comes in beautiful form, just as they themselves come. Their emotionality is always caused from the outside and knows no reason in their inner self to which, like all narcissists, they have no or only very poor access.

Doing evil is always unintentional, even always due to the circumstances for which they can’t do anything, which is why their actions are only natural and therefore anything but “intended” evil.They are deeply familiar with the subtle methods of female charm, especially the one to which men are hopelessly subjected. Like the Kirke, they attract them, but let him go again when their magic skills have lost their effectiveness. They are happy to give good advice, which can even have a irritant effect, but with which they then secretly tie the man to himself over time and space. Narcissists are not of this time and space, who are filled with loud reality to literally anecdotal them. These narcissists literally embody the eternally feminine. That life-giving principle, which the man overcomes only by confronting this principle of his developed masculinity.

Odysseus did this by being asked by his comrades to leave Kirke and visit the underworld to seek advice from the seer Teiresias.This is the same Teiresias who reveals in another story of Leiriope, the mother of Narcissos, his fate, namely not to see his self. No man should see his self, but doit.When Odysseus then sailed past the other two narcissists, the sirens, he let his companions tie him to the mast and stuffed their ears. He heard her most beautiful singing, but by means of male means he did not succumb to the provision. In short, only boys succumb to the narcissist, men have only an Olympic smile left for her, but know and recognize her enormously absorbing danger.

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