How do I optimize my website with Google Search Console?

Here are some tips that are helpful to improve your own website with the Google Search Console.Above all, it is important to understand the main metrics position, click rate and impression and to interpret the results correctly.

Google Search Console Earnings

  • When the results are displayed, it is immediately noticeable that clicks and impressions vary significantly in the results.

While some results are rarely called and also have few impressions. There are also websites that are frequently seen but rarely clicked. There may be different reasons for this. If the respective page is ranked far ahead but does not get clicks, a competitive analysis should help to make this difference clear. In most cases, optimizing the heading and metatag helps. In many cases, it’s quite simply that the content is pretty good, but the corresponding headlines don’t make it really palatable.

  • In many other cases, a post is clicked after only a few impressions, but the impressions are still too small.
  • This can also have several causes. In most cases, however, the keyword is simply too weak. Then it is the case that the content is good, but the target group as a whole is too small to attract enough readers regularly. In this case, it is advisable to look for other keywords that attract significantly more visitors.

  • Ultimately, there is also the possibility to position content further upwards with several work steps.
  • In order to do this, the content of the page must ultimately be significantly improved and compacted in substance. Poor positions, however, are not necessarily the result of bad texts. They can also originate from correspondingly hard-fought keyword segments. Especially high-priced keywords are also much more “described” than niche keywords. Above all, the in-depth examination of the topic and the improvement of the layout helps here. Sometimes it also helps to better meet the needs of the target group and simply to write a track more readier. SEO tools also play a major role in this area. These also give the author tips on keyword density, readability, and LSI values.

    AMP and Mobile Usability

    • The usability and AMP view can also be checked with the Search Console.

    This shows whether pages have errors. Here, too, it can be checked whether certain pages have functional errors, or whether breach Mobile Usabilty. Although the functionality of the AMP area is rather limited, it does provide information about the function of the pages.

  • This area is therefore more likely to be used to check the function.
  • In the end, regular monitoring is especially important here, because more and more mobile users use your pages. So if you own an online shop and it doesn’t have a mobile view, you can lose valuable customers here. In any case, the Search Console will give you the appropriate information and will immediately display errors.

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