How do I manage to learn new habits ?

Moin, Moin,

this is a complex issue.

First, you need to know that habits didn’t arise overnight, so you:

  1. need the unconditional will to change
  2. Perseverance required

In addition, many of your habits are not even aware of you.

Your subconscious is much greater than your consciousness, neurologists say;

that your consciousness thinks, directs your subconscious.

So you also have to be completely aware of which habit you want to change, respectively.

what habit you want to anchor.

A few implementation tips:

  • What is your why

Do you want to change this habit because it will make your life better or easier? Or do you want to change/re-accept the habit to receive praise and recognition on the outside?(Question of perseverance and motivation)

  • Don’t allow interruptions or excuses

You must not accept interruptions.No Ausrde counts. Pull it through every day. Your self-discipline and willpower are required!!!! If your new habit is going to be about sports, you’ll have to go through it, even if you don’t feel like it!

Do what you need to do the moment you do it!

  • Create a fixed time

Always carry out the new habit at the same time, in the same place.Create routines to help you do that.

  • Create triggers (from Charles Duhigg, Power of Habits)
  1. A specific day or time
  2. A specific location
  3. A certain emotional state
  4. The presence of certain other people
  5. The immediate preceding act
  • Use positive affirmations

Write down positive beliefs (in this case, a sentence about the new habit) and anchor them in your subconscious through techniques to be learned.Pay attention to the correct formulation: I-form, present, positive.

  • Use the power of visualization

Visualize.Imagine how you are, who you are, what you are, how your new habit has changed you. Create pictures in your Kopg of the new Me!

The whole thing is a mega complex subject and fills books and lets people who don’t make it.

Really helpful books are:

Why we do what we do: Charles Duhigg, Thorsten Schmidt: Books

Free the inner power: Anthony Robbins: Books

I can also recommend the blog on this topic:

Home – Success through focus

These are precisely the issues at stake.What are habits. How do I create routines, change and consolidate habits, find and maintain concentration and focus.

Have fun and success

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