How do I lose the feeling of permanent derealisation?

To do so, we first have to look at what the derealization entails:

Depersonalization/derealization | Dissociation | Alienation |

In short, derealization is a feeling where you experience the physical world, your body, your consciousness, your actions/thoughts/feelings/perceptions (and those of others) and life as a film or dream where nothing really feels and where you feel From the background, but does not actively participate.

It feels like life as a robot, but rather a robot that is aware of reality.

So basically it’s about a lack of connectedness (both with yourself, as well as others and the world around you).

A person may feel like stepping out of the body and hovering outside the body (this is a form of dissociation).

Dissociation refers in itself to a situation where one breaks down from itself or a portion of itself because it experiences extreme pain.

Often this pain is deeply rooted and a person is not fully aware of it.

Our bodies do this so that we can survive and continue to function.

The human body is very strong and can endure a lot of pain and also save (and hide) until a person feels ready to confront and heal the pain.

I have also experienced it myself and know from experience that it has to do with unprocessed trauma which causes a person to be in a state of extreme alienation of himself.

PTSS (Post traumatic Stress disorder) plays a major role in this.

The latter is caused by both a one-time event (e.g.Rape, accident, burglary, stalking,…), as well as a repeated traumatic experience (e.g. Sexual abuse, physical/emotional/psychological abuse within a family situation or partner relationship).

If you consider that Derealization has to do with splitting and/or alienation of yourself (or a part of yourself) by one traumatic experience (or multiple), then the solution is to restore that separation/alienation by connecting to To process your emotions and the traumatic event.

You can do this yourself or you can get help from someone who specializes in it and can guide you to process the pain effectively through therapy.

What you can do is as follows:

  • Writing about how you feel and why you feel so in a scripture
  • Group therapy or individual therapy (this may be talk therapy or a creative therapy in which you can playfully and process your hidden emotions)
  • Return the connection to yourself (you can do this by finding out what you like to do and giving yourself the permission to have more fun in life)
  • Consult a person who has a sense of emotional healing (these are often people who have also faced many problems in their lives and can help you in an appropriate way)

I do not know your specific situation.

But in general: go to the psychiatrist and discuss your feelings.

Maybe you need antipsychotics, or maybe you can benefit from some form of therapy.

But so: Seek professional help!

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