How do I know if I am extroverted?

There are many misunderstandings on this subject.It is generally assumed that people who love books are always introverted, while people who love parties are extrovert people. This is just not true and here is why.

Introvert people are not asocial beings and also no extrovert people who always talk to everyone.The main difference is how each person gets energy.

That is to say, extrovert people get energy from social interaction, but this does not mean that they should also love parties.

Perhaps they prefer social contacts in other places and with other activities.

In the same way introvert people do not necessarily hate parties.I know a lot of introvert people who like to party twice a month or sometimes even more often. That is because they enjoy social interaction as much as extra verten.

The only difference is that socializing reduces their energy and they have to replace it themselves with some quality time all.Extra Verten on the other hand also have the right to enjoy it alone. However, this reduces their energy and they desire socialization to get energy to move on.

I hope I have given you an insight into the type of misundestanding that occurs most times in relation to the subject as intro version and extra version.It is essential for people to understand that introverts are not asociable and that extra verten do not always talk to everyone.

You are an extroverted like you..

  1. You will be energized when you talk to people.
  2. You love partying.
  3. You feel the need to talk, especially when it is quiet!
  4. You find it easy to talk to quiet people.
  5. You find the silence annoying.
  6. You often listen to music.
  7. You prefer talking countries about quiet countries, for example America vs. the Netherlands.


  • You place yourself in social situations. For a while: you feel like going to the shop or school, so you can talk to other people.
  • To start… intro version and extra version are as yet 芒 鈧?虄psychological manifestations 芒 鈧劉 and no mathematical exact science.It is mainly descriptive definitions that are not simply simple to measure. However, introverts and extra verten differ in terms of brain activity.

    In addition, it is a spectrum, a cluster of properties and on every property you can sit on a certain scale.So the description is about 芒 鈧?虄an Averaging鈩? but if there is a thing that does not exist then it is 芒 鈧?虄the average Mens芒 鈧劉. No two introverts or extra verten are alike. In addition, both can learn to be some more the other (as is that for extra verten much harder), which makes it even more complex.

    A man has only one attention.You can consciously think of thing at once. Intro Verten mainly think about what is going on inside their head and body and are therefore more focused on their thoughts, feelings and emotions.

    The attention of extravertere people their is more outward oriented and goes a little more towards people, activities and things.

    So note that the one does a little more than the other, but both of course do both.So you cannot be 100% introvert or extroverted, only the main focus is different.

    To answer your actual question: Extra version-Intro version is a personality trait that is normally measured with questionnaires.You’ll find more than enough tests online that will show you what part of the spectrum you’re about. The questions themselves already will give you a good idea about what intro version/extra version is running.

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