How do I improve my general education?

First of all, abolish television.Then I would try to go to concerts, theatre, readings, cultural evenings. Then I would read some classics of literature, philosophy and natural sciences (in the library you can get good advice). I would take a big walk in nature at least once a week, trying to watch what I’ve watched and trying to find out. For example, which tree species? How do the animals I have seen live. You can take your camera with you and bring some leaves home to make your own herbarium. I would try to talk to older educated people, why not go to the retirement home or ask an older man (an older woman): I want you to tell me a lot about your experiences and I will accompany you to the concert, readings, vernissage and help you with your Everyday life? I have learned a lot myself from older people who have fortunately turned up in my life. Depending on my interest, I would subscribe to a publishing newspaper (usually in the form of newsletters free), there is always explained what appears new and you can question a lot of things and thereby search for yourself and get an idea. Then I would tinker with a blackboard or a kind of conifer to pierce notes that answer these questions: What? how? Who benefits from it? Repetition? What are the other perspectives? And with this try to educate my opinion-forming, question and get an idea of the different situations. Suppose you are interested in the subject of how a war arises or peace reigns, then of course you will read the book “War and Peace” by Tolstoy first, so the first notes will be created in the tree, write your questions and try your questions. Finding answers by looking at, reading, listening to (Gernica by Picasso, for example), read history books by different authors from different countries (important, because each country has its explanations, its vision of the cause, and this is very often quite unlike those of the other countries), get books from sociology, philosophy, psychology (library), go to concentration camps, talk to the people who continue to maintain this memory, they always rejoice when the interest is genuine, read articles about the different wars on the current world scene, but also since not only the German, but also the other perspectives, get a book about the stories of borders, subscribe to various lectures of universities on the Internet on the topic ( mostly free), there are more and more research institutes and universities that unlock courses on the Internet or explain topics. And again and again with your papers, think along, they always try to change perspective, which is very important so as not to be involved by a propaganda. Oh yes, on the Internet, you will also find some investigative journalists that you can subscribe to. From my own experience, I can say that those who offer a subscription for money are more serious because they are truly independent. Don’t hesitate. Unfortunately, the written normal press has come to a level that can only be compared to stupidity, even if – from time to time – a good article can be found, it is not worth reading all the crap before and after. At most the SZ remains serious, some measures (that’s my opinion, you don’t have to share this!). So many of the weekly newspapers are very run-down that it is no longer worth it. Twenty-five years ago, I had subscribed to many of them and gradually cancelled them all because it was no longer bearable, only a perspective was explained and there was nothing to think about. The only one who still researches a lot, makes you think and takes criticism seriously (attention, who has never read it, will often reject everything with a kind of “allergic reflex” with the name! ;-), is Emma. But I also do not know all the newspapers in Germany, so you should take a picture of yourself (apropos, the B… is exactly the opposite of education).

I wish you a lot of fun on your journey of discovery!

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