How do I get the plus back into the “friendship” with a narcissist?

So I’d be happy if I didn’t have a plus in a relationship with a daffodil.So they may leave you alone. But if you really want to know, I have found some tips on the net:

People who often deal with narcissists are therefore often faced with the question of how they should react to them in order not to draw their resentment.We’ve rounded up 9 tips you should know about dealing with narcissists.

1.Narcissists can easily hide your true identity
Narcissistic people are extremely manipulative: outwardly, their narcissism is rarely noticed and often play the sacrificial lamb.We often find out their true identity only when we annoy a narcissist.

Keep in mind that if it happens again and again that someone complains about how badly others treat them, you are more likely to be dealing with a narcissist.Narcissists expect a lot because of their own magnificence in dealing with others. If their high expectations are not confirmed, they are quickly dissatisfied.

TIP 1: Do not make judgments against narcissists or try to refute his views.Ask him better whenever he doesn’t feel good.

Ask him why he is doing badly so that you can see that you are dealing with the situation.When a narcissist realizes that someone is interested in him, he can also be the dearest person on earth.

2) Narcissists don’t like a stalemate in relationships
If your partner has narcissistic personality traits, he may often keep them on their toes!A narcissist has problems living permanently under the same conditions. For him, satisfaction means standstill!

He often compares himself to others and does not like it when other people lead what he sees as a better life.Then they tend to become dissatisfied, because they think they are better and therefore deserve better treatment.

TIP 2: Make narcissists feel comfortable.Make sure you get little attention that exhilasies the narcissist, so you’re just incomparably good to him.

3) Narcissists don’t allow them to be considered “the evil”
Remember one thing: if you discuss with a narcissist, you have little chance.No matter what you say, he’ll probably interpret it negatively. Similar to schulz von Thun’s 4-ear model, his ear will interpret your arguments in such a way that you will have a bad conscience afterwards.

Once narcissists feel attacked, they often have only one goal: to make revenge or “the attacker” a bad conscience!

TIP 3: Don’t confront narcissists with reproaches.As a result, you have to listen to accusations! If you want to accuse a narcissist of something, you should let him come in letter form (or by mail, app, etc.).

It is important that it does not lead to a discussion, otherwise all efforts have been in vain.Important: The narcissist must have time to deal with your allegations, so you should not respond to a message from him immediately.

4) Narcissists hate losing control
The worst thing you can do to a narcissist is to be unpredictable!Any loss of control can quickly lead to a sense of despair. Narcissists need to feel in control of themselves and their fellow human beings.

In the sense of the security and predictability of other people, they can then deliberately play off their manipulations.

TIP 4: Stay unpredictable!React differently more often than you would expect. For example, treat yourself to a new lifestyle more often, which will make you even more interesting with your narcissistic partner.

why?Secretly, he may think that he has side-bulls, as you suddenly place more emphasis on your appearance and thus also seem more interesting to other people.

5) Narcissists hate being criticised
Any criticism of a narcissist is an insult to majesty.He will discuss with you until you believe that “five is really straight”. Therefore, it makes no sense to discuss with narcissists at all, as they will not be satisfied until you withdraw your criticism.

Until then, at worst, he will confront you with contempt, but at least with feelings of guilt.Don’t underestimate the wrath of a narcissist, which can have a long impact and destructive effects on you.

TIP 5: Be aware of narcissists whose anger is aimed at you.So never criticize a narcissist! If you want to give him something to understand, do it “through the flower”. For example, never say “that’s bad” or “I wouldn’t do that.” Better is “that would be even more ingenious”!

6) Narcissists need a sense of superiority
Narcissists need to feel like they’re above everyone else.They think they have the right to do so because they believe they have a higher position in the profession, look better, or be smarter than our one.

If you show themselves to be equal to them, narcissists will not like it and they will do everything they can to “keep them small.”At worst, with lasting criticism, in the most pleasant case by being generous to you, “because they can afford it, because they are more successful anyway”..!

TIP 6: Make sure narcissists don’t feel inferior to you.This will fuel unrest and discontent. If you have done anything great, humbly thank the narcissist for his patience and support. Tell him, for example, that without him success would never have been possible!

7.They only show empathy when they are satisfied
As long as a narcissist is satisfied, he usually shows a normal empathy in dealing with other people.But woe betide the narcissist is dissatisfied or annoyed: then he often takes no account of the feelings of others, because he thinks only of himself and his anger.

He then no longer consciously perceives other people’s feelings and does not care what you have to tell.In this case, he only deals with himself and why all other people are so mean to him.

TIP 7: This point often arises only when the narcissist is already dissatisfied with you.Don’t let it get this far, because it’s difficult to repent. Better to make sure in advance in the form of small attentions that it doesn’t get that far. Prevention is better than cure!

8.) Narcissists are often not good listeners
This applies to both the “great pike narcissists” and the “passive-aggressive” narcissists.When someone else is talking, just wait to finally be able to say something yourself. They don’t like it when others say something, because they would prefer to just talk about themselves.

The only exception is that if someone is doing badly, the passive-aggressive narcissist can be a good listener.The reason is trivial: he then feels better because he feels superior!

TIP 8: Expect little, then you can only be positively surprised!Hold back with your own statements and ask the narcissist many questions. This will suggest that you are interested in him! With bacon you catch mice, with questions about “their expert opinion” narcissists!

9.) Narcissists rarely give compliments
Narcissists love to get compliments from others.If others don’t get the attention they think they have, they’re quickly upset. The pinnacle of audacity is when someone else then gets compliments from a close person.

If you ever enjoy and receive a compliment from a narcissist, be careful: this could be suspicious!

TIP 9: If you don’t respond to the slightest effort of a narcissist as he expects, you have a problem!Give narcissists compliments where you can. Whenever you notice something, praise it.

However, it is important to give compliments only for specific behaviours, not for generals such as cleverness or good looks.But be prepared that no matter what you do, it will rarely be enough to satisfy the thirst for admiration of a narcissist.

From – success psychology.– 9 tips to help you deal with narcissists

After reading it, you’ll see that this is quite a stupid idea to try something like this.

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