How do I get more followers on Instagram?


exciting question, which certainly drives many.Here are my tips:

1.Write activating captions and use a call to action

Photos and videos are the most important part of your Instagram posts.But they usually only really come into effect when you write a coherent and activating subtitle. This is then the icing on the cake for your post and can also activate your followers. If your captions are good, it can bring you more followers over time.

The interaction to your posts will increase, you get more reach, your posts will be displayed to the hashtags used above and more people will see them – so also the likelihood of you getting new followers!

Questions are also good for captions.This allows you to activate your followers and encourage them to interact with your posts.

An example of this.

Another tip for writing captions:

In my experience, it makes sense to play through two or three variations for the caption first and then select one favorite.

I would always try to bring in a little story, as you see in the above example of Sandra Holze.

And then, of course, especially when it comes to product posts – that is, sales posts – always get to the point quickly.Your fans will certainly not spend as much time in your mail and if you don’t get to the point here quickly, then all the effort may have been in vain.

Also include Call to Actions in your captions.A “Like this post if you find it funny” also activates your followers and increases the reach of your post.

You could also ask your followers to share their own experience on the subject you address in the post.This will quickly get you more comments and interaction under your post.

You could also point out a new blog post in a post and then write as a CTA:

“Follow my account to find out when there are new posts.”

Of course, you can also do this for your new products – i.e. before the launch.Simply write a post in which you describe your new product and write to the viewer to follow you to be informed about the introduction.

You can also connect the whole thing to a landing page where you collect addresses and then keep subscribers up to date when your product will come out.

2.Make it easy for your target group to find you and follow you

You should make it as easy as possible for your target group to find yourself online and follow you.A very good way to do this is to leave a button on your website that allows your website visitors to follow you quickly. You could insert this e.g. on the sidebar of your blog (with WordPress this is very easy via plugins and widgets).

I would definitely add an Instagram icon to the homepage.

With WordPress, it’s very easy with all the themes (i.e. your website design).Of course, there are also various free plugins. Such buttons also do very well on the “About Me Page”. Because this is usually the site that is most visited…

Also show your Instagram page through your other channels.This increases the chances that those who follow you on Facebook will also discover your Instagram account and follow you. Of course, it also makes it easier for you to appeal to new fans. For example, if you share your Instagram account via a campaign on Facebook.

The Instagram app allows you to easily share posts directly to your Facebook page.This is also a way I can recommend you, because that’s how you make your Facebook followers aware of you.

This way, step by step you increase the visibility of your Instagram account and enlarge your community on Instagram.

And then you can also show your Instagram account on Facebook e.g.Encourage your FB followers to link their account as well. This way you can gain even more reach and gain followers for your Instagram account!

3.Likes photos to quickly get more followers on Instagram

One of the easiest ways to get more followers on Instagram is to like other pictures.This will alert the other users to you and this will result in a certain proportion of these users following you.

Here are a few tips on how to quickly find suitable photos for them:

  • search accounts that have the same audience
  • search specifically for relevant hashtags that interest you (for example, if you want to reach users from a particular city, just enter the name of the city).

This is especially good if you are a local entrepreneur concentrating on a particular area. In addition, these hashtags should have some connection to your topic.

  • search for popular tags in your industry, e.g. #Business, #Coaching
  • I advise you not to invest in overly generic #Hashtags such as #love, #nice #instagood, #like4like.
  • There you will certainly not find the users you are looking for and who will later interact with your content.

    In this way, you will always find photos that you can like.This #Hashtag surfing is especially good at the beginning if you want to have more followers for your account quickly. The nice thing is that you’ll always get likes back and some of them will follow.

    I don’t want to give you a certain limit of photos you like on the day.However, with some apps, you may eventually be asked if you are a human being. This is to prevent bots from performing this procedure.

    Just do it for a few days and see how you feel about it and what the ressonance is like.You can simply go to the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the Instagam home page, select a specific hashtag and start liking. If it doesn’t work out as hoped, just change the hashtag and try it with someone else.

    Soon you will notice that you will get more Instagram followers!

    Of course, there are also various apps for this area, such as Everliker, which, among other things, automatically posts to different hashtags.I would like to point this out at this point, but at the same time advise you not to use these bots. Because we are in a more than grey area here and in case of violations of the Community Policy your account could be blocked…

    4.Use comments cleverly and strategically

    You probably know that: Someone follows you on Instagram and after two days he’s gone again.Annoying, right? I would strongly recommend that you do not imitate this, because you are going to get on the nerves of others!

    I would like to show you a more elegant way through which you can get to new followers – namely by commenting.But nothing as you might know it.

    First, choose a series of accounts that have a similar audience to you.To do this, you can specifically select your competitors and find them below with the magnifying glass search function on the Instagram home screen. Or you can use this feature and search specifically for hashtags for your area.

    Take a few minutes a day now and leave a comment on the latest picture.But not just any smilies, but real comments that help others and show that you have a clue about the subject.

    The followers of this account will sooner or later be aware of you and if your comments are good, they will surely look at your account and follow you at best.

    You don’t always have to be too serious when commenting.If you think of a funny comment, you can try it.

    5.Activate your existing contacts

    Find friends you can follow.Instagram makes it easy for you to find and follow your friends and contacts.

    • Click on the Settings window of your user page and click on “Find users you can follow”.

    There you can add friends and contacts from Facebook or your phone contacts.

  • So you connect with people you already know and who will probably follow you.
  • Next, tap the “Instagram recommends” option.
  • This will give you recommendations on who you can follow based on the popularity of the account. Choose some content you like. You can also get inspired by “Explore” and find people you can follow. Simply enter your hashtags and/or usernames.

  • Always make sure that more people follow you than you do.
  • In addition, others prefer to follow the accounts, which already have many followers and at best much fewer accounts that they follow.
  • This makes the accounts more attractive and also a bit more exclusive.

    Check out the app, “Tagsforlikes”. This helps you quickly add popular hashtags to your posts, increasing the number of likes and followers.

    I have to admit, I used the app first, because I usually have my hashtags in my head and i just vary from time to time.depending on what image I use.

    Nevertheless, since the interactions to a post are important right at the beginning, it can make sense to try such an app at least once.Even though the relevance of hashtags has decreased overall…

    Personally, I have had the best experience when I made the hashtags right after uploading the image or video.Then your image is more likely to end up in the hashtags and will catch the attention of several people – if it’s done well. It wasn’t until later that I had little effect on adding various hashtags in a comment.

    I can only advise you not to use such apps too often – I said earlier that too generic tags attract people you don’t really need as followers.They probably won’t interact with your content, so they don’t bring you much. I would definitely always incorporate a certain number of hand-curated hashtags and adjust and vary them over and over again.

    6.In the network you are stronger

    Make cooperations (e.g. in so-called DM groups in which you support each other.This can increase your reach and provide new followers.

    Targeted geotagging (e.g. in your stories) can also help to draw more people’s attention to you.

    I hope I was able to inspire you with the tips and wish you maximum success with Instagram 🙂

    Uli L枚ser

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