How do I find a right co-founder for my startup?

Tell me about it.What do you need.

There are all sorts of startup shorts for this.


  • What is your Skillset
  • What does your company do/what it is going to do
  • What do you want to achieve
  • What skillsets do you need for this
  • What’s absolutely essential to make your start-up successful
  • When is your start-up successful in your eyes

If you have all known:

  • How do you as a person
  • How to work together in a team
  • What do you expect from another
  • How flexible are You

Then you can:

  • Setting a framework to meet your co-founder

Finally, to:

  • In your network to see who fits
  • To find events/Start-up programs where you have a greater chance of finding your preferred co-founder,

And then it starts:

  • Communicate what your idea is
  • What your ambitions are
  • What you expect
  • Be prepared to give up control if you are looking for a co-founder.

If you have 0 turnover and you have no MVP or a database with interested parties.. Then there is only one idea.. With as value 芒 鈧?娄 indeed 0

Be picky, but not unreasonable.Be flexible but not desperate. Don’t expect too much, but make the right appointments. Accept criticism, but don’t let go over you.

If you need help with this, read relevant literature or switch help, whether paid or not.

Good luck

There are several ways for this.I don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, but first you need to clearly identify yourself for which you need that co-founder. Which hole should be closed? What skills should he or she have? How many hours should he or she get to work?

  1. LinkedIn: through LinkedIn’s search bar, you can look for people who meet your requirements (use the filters).

If you are looking for an online marketer for example, you simply search for that word and get a whole list of names that have that function. And if you have an account on LinkedIn, you can investigate and review the profiles.

  • Meetup.
  • com: This is a website where all sorts of meetings are planned and shared.Search for events and meetings where your ideal co-founder will be possible and sign up for the relevant meeting. It is often that you can participate in meetings for free.

    Again, it is important that you first have a good and detailed picture of your ideal co-founder.Do not go off on someone who is friendly and whose fun is to deal with it, you do it with him in your spare time. Business is business, go off on the person who actually has the skills to close your hole.

    Finally, take someone you can also learn from, someone who is older than you (or is much older) and has a lot of experience in business; That also has the right skills, is a very good asset.Even though you probably have to tick off more. Because remember, Steve Jobs once said:It doesn’t make sense to hire people and tell them what to do, we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”.

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