How do I find a job with little stress but who pays very well?

Take an academic training.

Before I went to study I worked as an ox and nevertheless bases were usually never satisfied.Then I went on to do an AIO-shelf and I can make “Dr” for my name discs, nothing really is expected of me and everyone is grateful if I do occasionally do a bit during the working day. The salary and the benefits of secondary employment are also better.

This is a difficult question, because stressful jobs are often better paid just because they are so stressful.Think of a doctor, for example: it is paid well, but both the studies and the work are often burdensome.

There are many examples, but there are also examples.For example, I think of software engineer, at least in certain situations. Both the studies and the job are rarely really stressful, but you are often well-rounded.

It is of course a bit of a cliché, but several ‘ insiders ‘ have already confirmed it: even in the civil service you can earn quite well without really having much stress.

If you are talking about paying really good, then I think you will have some stress anyway, because the well-paying jobs almost always consist of responsibility and leadership.Even entrepreneurs deserve, once their business from the starting blocks is at least, often good, but also that is anything but stress-free.

Cliché.Work for the government. Just look at the salary levels that are offered in Belgium for open positions in roads and traffic and various other bodies. Automatisation and access to information are intentionally absent or poorly implemented. Belgium suffers from high unemployment and replacing people with more efficient system is not a priority. In addition, you need a forest to hide trees. If you look at the depratement finance then you only get complaints about how much they have to work and that every year there are dozens of codes that make the declaration even more difficult. That there is no time for controls. Well, decades ago, people with common sense have suggested that the declaration can be much simpler. If you stop rebates to bypass your own idiotic tax system, you will create an improved tax system. Away thousands of codes. But just as with the legislation concerning works in Belgium, which dates back to the years quietly, it turns out impossible. The rigid legislation for employees is circumvented with meal vouchers, commercial vehicles (Not enough traffic jams!), ecocheques, representation costs, and what’s more. All because the tax on labor is indecent high. But circumventing costs much more money. Commercial vehicles for people who do not actually need it ensures worse traffic jams, more income for the state (auto VAT, annual tax, insurance) but creates problems in the absence calculations, more CO2 and NOx emissions, roads that wear out faster , … If you can live with inefficiency and little performance, then the government is a safe choice. On the proverbial exception, an official is also never dismissed. And teachers, for example, can save their sick leave and record this for their retirement (weird but true, the doctors do this). If one tries to change the teaching to adapt to this time (you know, the robots and stuff that come to it) or if you hit the benefits of the teachers, then the country is soaking flat through strikes. A fulltime is ome and at the 22 hours of 50 minutes by the way. And three months of leave included.


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