How do I cope with the fear of getting older and how do I stop the panic attacks?

And the truth wants to set you FREE!In which truth must be your own truth. You have to realise that you live in a society where you are constantly, consciously or unconsciously, remembering your own mortality. The average age of a human being is around 80 years old and this science is general knowledge. This knowledge ensures that we are going to calculate the days to this fate. A quick calculation is made in our head whereby we deduct 80 min our age (in my case 40) from each other and so we calculate how long we still have to this inevitable fate. And without answering the question of what happens to you when you die every year, every month, every day, every second will be a reminder of that fate and the fear that sticks to it. And I suspect that the awareness of your own mortality underlies your fear of becoming older. (whether they are wrinkles or so and should that be it then maybe make an appointment with a plastic surgeon?) Every good-minded person will sooner or later come to the realization that they are mortal and with this realization comes agony. In order to cope with this fear of death, people can turn to various ideas. You can turn to religion, where Christianity is the most obvious in the Western world. Christianity shows two possibilities when you Die (heaven or Hell) where you can decide what happens to you when you die, provided you keep to certain conditions. This may give relief to the agony with complete conviction, but will bring all sorts of other fears during your journey to the finish line. Atheism also answers the question of what happens to you when you die, only this answer does not really help you with regard to the agony that goes with it. What in any case helps to cope with fear of dying is a personal conviction and acceptance about what happened to you when this day comes. Where in this last sentence, your personal conviction (your truth) will free you from your fear. You can choose to take on other people’s beliefs and turn to religion, or (if you prefer to think for yourself) on a spiritual voyage of discovery and try to establish a personal conviction. The benefit of a personal conviction is that you can adjust and adapt them whenever and wherever you want, while when you choose to convert to a particular religion you are at the mercy of the provisions of others. If, like me, you want to establish a personal conviction, then there are resources (psychedelics) available that can assist you. However, I warn everyone to be informed first before you start using these resources.

First and foremost: What exactly makes you fear of getting older?

Is it because you then get wrinkles or because you know that you are more likely to have health problems or fear of death or… (maybe a combination of different elements?)

You want to have control over something that is inevitable. Maybe you associate older now especially with negative issues, but also try to dwell on the positive effects of aging.Did you know that we become happier as we age? We are probably learning to relativate better. With age comes also more wisdom and that wisdom can be used to make better choices, for example etc.

Can you even mention positive effects yourself?

My advice is to focus on all the positive effects of aging.Good luck!

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