How do I build muscle and lose belly fat?

If you are a “beginner” in the sporting sense (not meant to evaluate) it is not so difficult.

One thing in advance: You can’t get rid of belly fat on your own, and you can’t lose fat in other places.If your body breaks down fat, it’s everywhere. In this context, not a thousand sit-ups a day help either. Burning fat in certain parts of the body is not possible – if you find a way, tell me – this will make us rich 😀

So back to the topic:

Point 1, lose fat.The key to success is your caloriebalance.If you consume more calories than you eat (eat or drink!), you lose. Point.

If you need some help in your diet: here you will find a free mini-guide to start your diet.

Abbreviations or miracle diets?There is no such a way.A good example is the low carb diet. Many recent studies show that you can’t lose more fat than any other diet through a low-carb diet. I also wrote something on my blog about the effect of a low carb diet.

Point 2, Muscle Building.As a beginner, it’s best to ride here with a full-body training plan.Learn and master the basic exercises: squatting, cross-lifting, bench press, overhead press, chin-ups and maybe rowing and you’ll probably draw 80-90% of your potential. 2-3 training sessions of 60-90 minutes per week are enough. A good training plan for beginners is Starting Strength.In the blog post you will learn everything about StartingStrength, what you need to know.Here you can also find an Excel logbook for the training plan of Starting Strength.

Cardio also has its place here.This has several advantages: you increase your calorie turnover and can eat more to maintain the same calorie balance. You also increase the ability of your muscles to regenerate. In addition, it will thank you your cardiovascular system. Depending on your body weight, it doesn’t have to be jogging either: swimming or cycling are no less effective.

Is there a catch?Jein.

As a beginner, you are very lucky that you can actually break down fat to a small extent and build muscle at the same time.This is called “Body Recomposition” and was coined/researched by Lyle McDonald.

As an advanced beginner, this is unfortunately no longer in it.From a certain, unpredictable time, you will no longer be able to break down fat and build muscle at the same time. Then the calorie balance comes into playagain:

  • Positive calorie balance: You build muscle, but if necessary.

also fat.

  • Negative calorie balance: You take off fat, but if necessary you do.
  • muscles.

    But these are topics that you don’t have to deal with as a complete beginner.

    For further questions, please contact me via the blog.

    Greetings and much success

    Sebastian from the fitness blog Bumfuzzled

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