How do I build a suitable training plan as a woman? (I go to the gym 3 times a week and want to lose weight)

Whether man or woman, it doesn’t really matter.Fat storage and food processing is slightly different in women, but fat burning and fat loss work exactly the same.

First of all, you have to fundamentally change your diet.This alone accounts for about 50% of your success and is therefore the most important thing. Reduce or completely suspend sugar, limit alcohol consumption, carbohydrates only once or twice a week and instead many many proteins. Fat is even quite fine, as long as it is healthy fats or unsaturated fatty acids, such as those found in olives, rapeseed oil, avocados, nuts or fish. With a little luck, you can even get used to your body using fat as a resource in this way.

This works by means of strength training, which is in any case the better variant.If you want to burn fat, you have to build up what just burns fat and fat is burned in muscles. In plain language, this means that the more muscle mass you have, the faster your fat content in your body will decrease. Don’t worry, you as a woman will never be able to reach such muscle mountains that make women seem quite unfeminine. This is ensured by the much higher proportion of estrogen in your blood. Instead, you could use strength training to make your forms stand out, as I can see in all the girls in the studios of my choice.

A beautiful butt can be obtained, for example, by squating.Beautiful legs also and abdominal muscle training can never hurt anyway. Squaten also has the advantage that it burns a lot of calories. Especially if you integrate it into supersets. This means that you do several exercises in a row with a maximum of 10 to 30 seconds of rest in between, whereby different muscle groups are to be trained. Between the sentences, you can take a break of about a minute, which allows you to burn a few extra calories. For example, 12 squats, then immediately over 10 to 15 times cruciate ligament lifting and finally 12 times triceps presses on the cable pull. How you combine these exercises with each other, which games you want to train on you, is entirely up to you.

In contrast to cardio training, strength training also has a few very decisive advantages: First, you build up exactly the mass of calories or calories.Fat burns. And secondly, you also burn fat long after the workout. Cardio is good at times, but will only work for four weeks, because your body will then start to break down muscle mass. Your hormone balance gets a little shaky, especially colesterin and you get crass hunger attacks that no one can get through in the long run. Pure strength training is much better, much more honest and also more sustainable.

In a fair way, however, it can actually be useful to integrate cardio into the training; at the very end.During strength training, your body primarily burns carbohydrates and proteins. Therefore, you should also return these substances by food at the latest two hours after the workout. Our body does this because for him this is the most comfortable and fastest way to generate energy, as you need it during strength training. But the supplies in the muscles and liver are limited. So when the body runs out of these substances, it has no choice but to burn fat, which is also best done in permanent activities.

So your plan should look like this . . . You go to the studio, warm up the 5 to 10 minutes and then you let out the sow for an hour with the equipment and weights.Supersets, heavy weights, short breaks, the full program. If you have deprived your body of all options in this way to get energy quickly, then you pull off a cardio session immediately afterwards for 15 to 30 minutes. Running, elliptical cross trainer, home trainer, rowing or even the Stairmaster. What of it does not matter. But in this very period you can actively burn something from your body fat. Change the speed there every two minutes too so that your body can’t get used to it or adjust to it.

With such a combination of diet, strength and cardio training, you can lose lasting and solid weight if you pull it straight through.

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