How do depression develop?

I’m not a doctor and I have no idea about it.

But if you ask, you have to expect answers.

Depression develops very creepingly and until it is clear that it is too late, one certainly cannot say exactly whether one has depression or not, especially since they come in bursts and leave again.

Those who have a latent tendency to depression learn to live with it already in their origin.It starts with thoughts like, “Oh, others aren’t always happy about it.” Thoughts like, “If I kill myself now, would that be an advantage for everyone?” But then it’s really “Holland in Need”.

In my opinion, the origin lies in adapted life.One has a desire in one’s own, carries oneanother with a goal, but it is too difficult for social reasons to give in to this desire to approach this goal.

This urge to be somehow, orWanting something absolutely can certainly be suppressed. But if you suppress things, feelings, longings for too long, you get used to the pressure. And since it all starts harmlessly, it’s easy to get used to it.

Over the years, it becomes more and more difficult to live with this pressure.Unnoticed, the “shit on it” becomes a tangible depression. This transition comes creeping and unnoticed, always! If you notice it, the drops have long since been sucked. Then only therapy and psychopharmaceuticals help, so that you can get out of the cross again.

Then it’s time to go to the psychologist or psychiatrist and first do what they say.

I would also like to point out that, in my opinion, cancer is also the result of depression.Because our society needs people who can think well and quickly and complexly in their job, who are resilient, have no hobbies, except material things, have no desires. These people are functioning well in this society, are succeeding and believe they have done everything right. They then get off at the age of 30 and their first million with Restlee-leg syndrome or can no longer go backwards and have the second by-pass at 50, but they did everything right and worked fine.

Now there are people who don’t want to work, they want life.And have different ideas and wishes and therefore get sticks between the spokes over and over again and thus become more and more powerless, sad, calmer, they withdraw. Then we go.

In this way, I believe that the body protects itself from a heart attack, circulatory collapse and cancer.By taking back not only the body, but the whole person, so that the little remaining life energy is still sufficient for the rest.

The goal must therefore be to increase the life energy in one again.

A little bit still flows between body, mind and soul, but it is not much. The ego has already become calm, as it also notices that the energy is missing.

And I think that the only help in this is to get things right in the future.The best 8 doctors ask and they certainly know an answer.

This should not and cannot replace the trained physician in the event of serious depression, but is a successful way to support the cure.

  1. Sunlight creates vitamin D, the good mood vitamin.
  2. Fresh air stimulates cell metabolism
  3. Exercise stimulates metabolism in the musculoskeletal system
  4. Good food provides the body with everything it needs, in the required amount, but no more.

No stressful pleasure meal.

  • Clear water gives the body the fluid it needs.
  • Everything else is just taste and above all full of carbohydrates, real sugar bombs. Coffee is made, tea would still be going. Peppermint tea unsweetened is good.

  • Sufficient sleep and rest, this also means meditation.
  • At first, you like to let someone show you that.

  • Fun is always forgotten.
  • Have fun. This may be difficult at the beginning, but you can practice. By concentration. Again and again you can do new exercises. Watch out for how people speak, how they behave, how they react to each other. Practice mindfulness.

  • Learn to love again.
  • Take a hand or an arm. Be it to you. You are the only person who is absolutely exactly like you. You’re something very special. Don’t look back at those who see it the same way.

    Take your time and take the pressure out.If you have depression, they don’t come from one day to the next. So they won’t disappear like that.

    Work with you, with your body, your diet, eat without carbohydrates.But not because I say that, but because you found out why I said it.

    In short, just help you get back to health, take responsibility for your healing process.

    It’s all mental.

    Good luck


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