How do busy people find time to read books?

Being too busy is a matter of setting priorities.If you find something important enough, you’ll make time for it. It helps to set yourself a goal for a year, I use the Goodreads app for yourself here. Here you can keep track of how far you are already in a book and create reading lists.

It also helps to build a fixed moment on the day or in the week.In addition, you can also make sure that you always have a book with you. If you have to wait somewhere or travel for a while, you can read. In such moments you often have time to do.

There are several ways in which busy people find time to read books.

First of all they read faster.
Fast reading is surprisingly easy to learn.It is based on two key techniques which everyone can apply:

1.Stop speaking words in your head. Subvocalization is a habit that many of us have, in which we have the words in our minds â € œhorenâ € while we read them.Consequence: You can not read faster than you â € œspreektâ €. Therefore, hold down the speech mechanism in your brain, for example by chewing on something or repeating the vowels (a, E, I, O, u) to teach yourself the subvocalization.

2.Avoid returning. When we read we often return with our eyes to re-read something.This is a huge retarder. The first step is to be aware of this. The second step is to designate the text with a finger or pencil and move forward each time.

Skip parts of a book
â € œSkimmenâ € is a good way to catch up with non-fiction books.Read the introduction or foreword to find out the main claims or arguments in the book. Please read the final chapter or conclusion. Then go through each chapter to read the first and last paragraph. This is a good strategy for books in which you are moderately interested. If there are chapters that you find interesting, you can read them naturally.

Read several books
You don’t necessarily have to read one book all the way before you start.If you read very different books, you can also alternate.

Stop books that aren’t worth it
This is common sense.If you’ve read a few chapters of a book and you don’t enjoy it, stop. Wonder why you don’t enjoy it. Maybe it’s not a good time and you can read it again later. Or did someone give you a â € ̃traffic™ book gift? Do not feel obliged to read it. Don’t waste your time on books you don’t like.

And finally my golden tip, only for people who can read in English (or French).Subscribe to Getabstract: In this library you’ll find more than 15,000 summaries of non-fiction books.Take a look and try it out for free with some book summaries.I read about 5 summaries per week, and so I have the content and insights of more than 250 books per year!

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