How did your previous relationships work?

I only had two.The first was with a work colleague. She lasted 7 years and then she left me for someone else. The strange thing about it, right at the beginning, was that after two weeks she told me I was too good for her. At some point, a better one comes, a nicer one that will take me away from her. She howled rot and water. I was confused. Another work colleague who was far from attractive rejected me a few months earlier because I wasn’t nice enough for her. She was even ashamed because I dared to invite her for coffee. I’ve never had a boyfriend myself, but I’m not good enough for her. My ex-wife, on the other hand, is first cream, but I think I would be too good for her. I know why women think this, but that will come later. We were together for 7 years, but after a few years the relationship fell asleep and became more and more bland. Sex didn’t go that many times because she just didn’t want me. I wanted to do couples therapy to either get a boost or make the divorce easier, but she refused. It doesn’t help anyway, she said. She met another at work and then bonded with him. I knew what was going on, I’m just not that stupid. She said she went to the opera with him. She never wanted to go there with me, so I knew what was going on anyway. When she came back, I asked her, “And? What was the opera like? Where do you keep it?” She said, “You don’t know them. It doesn’t help if I tell you.” Then I said, “I think you sang there. In bed with him in a duet.” I smiled. “No! THAT IS NOT TRUE!” was her response. It was clear what was going on, so I had it granted. I was already getting ready for divorce. It came a few weeks later. She was sadder than me about it. But travellers should be let go and I wish them all the best.

I got to know my second relationship in another job.She was a Romanian former harvester who worked in the same butcher’s shop as me. A pretty girl. She kind of looked like a well-known Romanian actress, but still a bit better. In any case, she kept running after me and helping me with my work, even though she was actually needed elsewhere. At a Christmas party, I grabbed her. After two weeks of the same game here too:”You’re too good for me. At some point a nicer one comes, a better one, who then takes you away from me.” The same wording as my first wife! But then I did something that I quickly regretted. Since I lived quite cheaply without a wife, I had a lot of money in the account and then spoiled her “something”. I bought her a complete set of clothes and wanted to pay for her driving license in Romania. She told me it costs 1,000 euros. I knew it was cheaper, but i gave her the money anyway because she could buy something with the rest of the money. However, this relationship lasted only 3 months because my manager did not allow me this woman. At that time Romanians were not allowed to stay in Germany without work and he threw them out. She had to go back to Romania. We thought we would then make a long-distance relationship until this regulation was repealed. After all, this only lasted a few months, and then Romanians were allowed to remain in Germany without a job. But that didn’t happen. Because when she arrived in Romania, she quickly found another one. She wanted to come to visit me during the holidays, but didn’t come and just demanded more money. I refused. After a few weeks I stopped on the phone because she only called because she needed more money for her driver’s license, which I didn’t grant. When she came back to Germany as a harvester, all my colleagues told me. I didn’t care, I had finished and didn’t want to see her anymore. “Yes, yes. When she stands before you again, you will reunite with her.” Three days later, it rings at the door, and who is standing there? My ex. I have made it clear to her that it is finally over and that she should no longer come forward. “But I love you!”. was her statement. “But I don’t tell you anymore,” was my answer, and I pushed her out the door. I haven’t seen her since.

Women often seek closeness to me, but don’t want to be close to me.It’s hard to get in touch and take it to the next level. I now know where the problem lies, but I cannot solve it. Because this problem is in the subconscious and it becomes difficult.

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