How did you learn German?

I recently passed the B2 exam.To reach this level I have done several things. A couple of them are, so to speak, my “secrets” that I will reveal today.

  1. I have had an infinite number of self-talks inGerman.

This allowed me to present my opinions and thoughts without being judged. This has helped me not only to speak and to speak, but also to think better. The more I had these conversations, the clearer my thoughts became. In these conversations, I consciously paid attention to my mistakes. If I made too many mistakes in a conversation, I had the conversation again, but this time with hardly any mistakes, better vocabulary, clearer pronunciation and clearer thoughts.

  • Whenever I got an opportunity to communicate with real Germans, I noticed them.
  • So I was able to assure myself what I am learning is actually being used. During the holidays I went to Germany for a week. Whenever I walked on a subway, I discreetly looked into the train and sat next to a hospitable-looking person and started a conversation,“I’m learning German and I want to improve it.Is it okay if we have a little conversation?” Fortunately, no one has rejected this request.This allowed me to improve my German skills as well as to get to know new and interesting people. One lady I spoke to was an avid traveller and told me a lot about her travels to Africa, Russia and other countries. Another man was a therapist who analyzed a person’s emotions by painting. These are just a few examples.

  • In addition to learning, I have seen many movies and TV series inGerman.
  • I have seen translated versions of “How I met your mother” and “Flash” on this great website – Home – Burning Series: Watch series online.These series certainly encouraged me by noticing that I could already hear and understand a lot of German. These series also ensured that I was set to German. With such series, I have learned to understand new words and word connections in context, which is very important when learning languages.

  • I learned and practiced a lot of vocabulary.
  • One strategy I found very helpful is self-recording.I have spoken words and their meanings and recorded them. Every day before bed I listened to them. With this I can memorize all the words very quickly.

  • I tried to think in German.
  • I have refrained from translating my thoughts.

  • I have “lived”German, so to speak.
  • This means that I have been constantly dealing with German – writing an answer to Quora, seeing a little video about skiing, reading an article from DW and listening to German songs and singing along. After I dealt with the language in this way, the language was easy to imprinted.

  • I have attended a Germancourse.
  • There I was able to make friends with people who themselves also learn German. There I was able to make mistakes without fear, because the place was meant exclusively for learning.

  • I have set the phone inGerman.
  • I found this particularly good because I could learna lot of normal words like “swipe” and “tap ” through it.

  • I have tried to use more phrases.
  • The peculiarity of the German language lies in its unique phrases.These proverbs greatly embellish the language. Here is a list of the important German phrases – phrases & proverbs

    This is how I learned German 🙂 I tried to avoid mistakes.But if there are some, I would ask you to draw my attention to this. I’m still learning 🙂

    Thank you very much for reading my answer!


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