How did you find your vocation?

When I was at the beginning of thirty my first partner committed suicide.

She was sexually abused by her father from her fledgling itch.

After her funeral, I made an oath that I would stand up for victims of sexual violence.I was also abused once when a gay man took me home, held me for a night (he threatened me to throw my head down from the balcony if I would resist) and abused me.

When I tried to make a declaration to the police in Hilversum the following day, an agent said:

“If you go to bed with a flicker, you will also be a flicker”.

I learned then how the government deals with sexually violent victims.

[Watch the episodes of Peter R. de Vries, who years ago had a series about women, who were gestalked!The police did nothing and did not even agree to appointments if they promised a victim to call back!

I have been a buddy for two people with DIS, a dissociative identity disorder for over six years.They used to be called MPS; A multiple personality disorder.

The disorder is caused by very intense traumatisation from early childhood.Sexual abuse, emotional neglect, emotional, psychological and physical abuse.

Through all the violence and by all traumatisation, the spirit splintering as a glass bowl, which throws you on the ground.

The parts of the scale are split off and are called “parts”, or “sub personalities”, or “alter personalities”, or “alters”.

Together they manage the unbearable traumatic load.

After Donald Trump, the President of the United States, made deeply invasive, insulting sexistic remarks about women, I am now working on Quora for almost two years to keep my oath and to take up the victims of sexual violence.

Trump is a women hating and women degrading sexist.He claimed that Omarosa, a black woman, was a “dog”.

He called women: “thick.Stupid. A dog. She bled from her eyes and from another place. Horses face. A disgusting animal “.

I write comments on Quora about Trump to make the Americans think and stand in the top ten at the English version of Quora of people, who have read the most about “Trump-Pence 2016”.

Trump has committed adultery with other women several times and insults and humiliates his own wife, Melania, who the Americans are titled as “The First Lady”.

There are so far more than fifteen women, who have emerged with allegations against Trump of sexually unacceptable conduct.

This answers your question:

My vocation is to come up for sexual violence victims and the reason for this is the suicide of my first partner, who had an incest past.

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25 years ago I had a CEO (18 -000 employees) in London, while I was working in Vienna.After discussing with our country manager, this CEO did not go directly to the airport, but went to the staff. He asked questions and listened to the one with whom he spoke. He did not listen alone, but also changed things based on our feedback. The latter made us very proud. I have been using this method of listening and directing myself with great success since then.

Calling?I thought that was something for religious. I myself just have a job. A nice job, but a job.

Reminds me when I was invited to a performance interview by my supervisor.I then reported that this was not possible. On the question ‘ Why? ‘ was my answer: “I stopped functioning and just started working again.”

Jaja, I’ve been.Had to.

Nor do I have a vocation.I have things that I can do easily and things in which I am totally not good at all. I’m rolled into the things I can easily do because that makes sense. Others may call that a vocation, I don’t.

I have had two careers.The first in the industry where I climbed up to technical director in one firm and short-lived managing director in the active cabbage (purification product) business. The second in the engineering world nowadays mainly in the pharma. What then is my vocation? Educate young people. Outside of the first years when I was able to use training myself, and indeed missed a good mentor, I have trained young engineers even today.

I regard it as the ‘ master ‘ (painter, sculptor, Baker, Leghack, Joiner,…) in the Middle Ages who also educated ‘ pupils ‘.I loathe colleagues who refuse to do this because they think they are educating the competition. This is rather a sign that they are uncertain and underestimating themselves.

It should be the vocation of every professional: educating young people.

By not looking for it, it comes naturally.

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