How did you find the meaning of your life?

To be honest, I still don’t know what the meaning of my life is.

I have to be sure of that.

For the time being I am in a phase where I am still looking for myself.

Actually, it is not so difficult to find the meaning of our lives, but it is a matter of daring to unfold yourself.

This means that you are honest with yourself in relation to what you can and cannot do, and those things that you can naturally develop well and fully exploit.

Unfortunately, some of us grow up in an environment where this is not supported (e.g. by envy of both family members as well as ZGN.False friends, life partners and colleagues).

This will leave you better, because they can seriously hinder your potential for development.

Another aspect concerning self-development that can be problematic is fear.

There are so many different types of fears that a man is faced with in life, and it is therefore important to be honest about this and overcome these fears by curing them.

Many of these fears are traced back to childhood.

As children, we are unable to block and filter information that may be harmful to our development.

Critical thinking is difficult, and this is because our brains function from a certain state that is intended to facilitate assimilation of information.

Children are a bit like sponges that easily “absorb” and memorize information.

So it is also easy to program (or brain-wash) a child to think in a certain way (and thus to scare).

This can be both direct and indirect.Sometimes a man is aware that he/she is doing this (you can then speak of a person who acts out of self-interest-because it cannot cram it that you have the courage and strength to become successful in life).

So these types keep you better from your neighbourhood.

If you want to discover the meaning of your life, then you need to know yourself well, and to know yourself well you have to spend a lot of time alone.

The experience has taught me that if we spend too much time with others, we lose our own identity and therefore become very confused because some of you impose their own will and vision.

I don’t think there is such a thing as “the meaning of one’s life”.

Meaning is something that you make yourself in your life.Of course there are a lot of organic and social nudges in a number of directions. (As good for others, reproduction,…)

I suspect that I have some implicit forms of meaning.

More explicitly I am someone who wants to understand the world (Cosmos/Universe) as well as possible before I die.So questions like ‘ How to get acquainted ‘ and ‘ What is truth ‘ are quite fundamental.

The last 20 years I am still skeptic and the scientific method still seems to me to be the best way to get reliable knowledge.

In addition, I find sense and pleasure in the existence of family, friends and colleagues.

By picking up my responsibilities.It is a complex issue that can be accompanied by an identity crisis. If you wonder what your place is in life and what the meaning of your existence is, you are also wondering who you actually are.

I have struggled with these ideas myself for a long while.It has ensured that I came to myself and was wondering what role I want to play in society. My mistake was by thinking tremendously big and being guided by enormous ambitions that were not real. The future sometimes felt like a big wave that came over me. However, if you learn cycling you start with side wheels. What I mean by this is that you start small, start with small responsibilities and learn in this way what you can and cannot do, what you enjoy or not, and so on.

In this process I have often felt like I had no grip on everything that happened.As a tip for this I have: if something small goes wrong or slips out of your hands, fix it. It’s those little things that make you feel skillful.

Ultimately, life then lays out a path for you.Might be perpendicular to your expectation, but your expectation is not the only positive outcome.

Of course, life is just there to be lived, no purpose, no expectations. And this is not a fatalistic or depressive way to deal with your life, but rather a liberating way to look at it, freedom is liberating, nothing must and must be accomplished. Life is a piece of music and dancing is what you do best, dancing has no purpose, no place where you have to come out but just enjoy the music that is played.

Well , it is a verb.Meaning is the result.No sense ofgetting so,but-meaning.

Actively give your life the meaning you want to assign.Otherwise it is pointless. For you.

“The Meaning of life” implies that we live with a certain function, purpose or reason.What I believe, however, is that life is a reaction or a result of a series (some inexplicable) processes. In other words, I am here and that is for a reason, not necessarily for a reason.

As soon as I accepted this, my quest for “The Meaning of life” ended.In a sense I have discovered that I can take life as it comes; With the day. Every day is a new one, where I can do new things, fulfill new roles and be a new person.

What these things, roles and people are, that is not fixed for me.I do not bow to society and what is expected of me, I trade to circumstances and to my instinct. I don’t let me test or check, I don’t follow and I don’t lead, I’m there and that’s it.

A free existence in which I am enlightened from trivials, free of dogmas and open to what the new Day brings me.

Life does not make sense or purpose.

Life is once created by complex chemical processes and intelligent life is again a coincidental consequence of the utterly arbitrary evolutionary process. Life, and so also my life is just there. The only phrase that is there is the phrase you give yourself.

Stop searching.

For me this hangs with my freedom of expression to give hands and feet.If you can make that, what you live in, and be willing to take the risks and setbacks for granted, you are on the right track in this respect.

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