How did you cope with the bullies in your life or were you the bully at school and how did you learn your lesson?

I have a vague reminder that in Group 3 I had to come to the miss because the mother of a girl from the classroom had reported that I pestte her daughter.I remember that I found this very unfair, because the girl in question did not have any friends, I was the only one who talked to her and played with her. Furthermore, she also continually lent my math book because it had lost her, this went on for a long time (for my feelings). Because of this I was left with arithmetic, but I didn’t dare to ask back my math book because I was too shy.

I don’t really know what this bullying was like according to the girl and her mother, for my feeling I assaulting no one (and I certainly had no intention of doing so).Sometimes I think about it, I would like to know what was going on because I really don’t know anything about it, and I did not.

As a child, you are not really a person with ideals, you are still so workable.So although I do not recall it, it may be that I have been in common against her.

On the secondary I formed a close group of friends with three other girls, but we were out of the way and the rest of the class could do mockingly.I did like that, I lost my self-assurance altogether. I also do not know why we were treated so, I would now like to ask my old classmates once.

So you could say that I have stood on both sides, but I still do not understand how bullying works, or why some people do not bully, or are bullied.I didn’t really deal with it either, I just ignored my bullies and contrary to what they say it didn’t really work.

I knew very well how it worked.The few times that children turned against me had to make especially with misunderstanding. Don’t Fuel the fire. I got that as 15 years old for a long time. So I did not comment on the bullies where they could do something with it. No words, just nothing at all. That cost quite a bit of self-control, preferably I had grown them on the spot. That which I did with the bullies of other children. It was not really violent, but I knew very well how to humiliate someone so that they never took it in their heads again. My bullies just wanted to provoke. They were always guys who wanted to go the fight. Maybe I was a threat. I was on myself, but it was friends with everyone. If something had to be solved, children came to ask me if I wanted to help. I had that reputation after the second class incident when I had pointed out a teacher on his unacceptable behaviour (he came too late for trial work) and had put a classroom for the block.

Tough?Temporarily hold. For me it was just my autism. You give lessons. You have a responsibility. You come too late. Unacceptable. Very black white.

Enfin, super cool so.Thus the children. Then they put me in for everything. And I worked with it, but only if it knocked. I did seem like a judge Dredd haha. Today still my function.

Some guys liked it others too but when they came to ask for dating and I said no.Well then I was a bitch and then T started to be sunk. Sometimes for months. I just loved my mouth, ‘ Don’t give ammo ‘ but it was very hurtful what they said about me or my parents (two moms is a very inspiring subject so pale) and I didn’t even understand why. I did not like them so why would I say yes to dating and lying? I really didn’t understand why they behaved so.

At my elementary school, Group 8, a girl was bullied, as well as a boy, and I bumped with the pest group with it.I made a plague newspaper and founded a plague club where the bullies were eager to join. I still remember the front page of the first edition, it was a wall with ‘ wanted ‘ posters with the names of the those children with big money rewards and a list of the facts for which they were ‘ wanted ‘.

Around that time I began to delve into national Socialism, and I decided to try to experiment whether propaganda really worked so well.That was that plague newspaper and the Plague Club actually, the Volkischer Beobachter AND the NSDAP.Plus I was of course afraid to become the target of bullying. The those girl later said to a member of the pestcluded that we were ‘ just Nazis ‘. Neither herself nor the members of that club realised how they hit the nail on the head.

Afterwards horrible, by curiosity about the evil I deliberately experimented with it, and used it for my own gain, namely to prevent myself from being bullied.In the end, due to the strongly disapproving reactions of other parents with some friends, I have gone further with the petal, the name has changed, the plague articles have disappeared, and it evolved into a kind of school newspaper. That was very nice and we use our creativity at least in a productive and positive way.

What I still found the worst was my teacher’s attitude.He had the dick on me because I found the lessons too easy, thereby bored me, and never watched or did other things. He did not give me the challenge but at the slightest or lesser sign that I did not join or chatted with my best friend (who also had no challenge) he sat me directly on the skin. Every time I had to go to the hallway or my parents were warned, it was about ‘Martine behaviour in the lesson‘.NEVER has he addressed me to the plague behavior or to that horrible plague newspaper, while he should have been aware of it (especially considering that the second edition of the Pest leaf was copied and freely lying around in the classroom). In addition, the children who were those were openly remitted to the schoolyard where he was at. The real pretractors of bullying were not tackled at all while their behaviour was even more striking in the classroom. Unfortunately, it does happen more often; The smaller rascals tackle hard and do not dare to tackle the large rascals. Of course he did not speak to the bullying because he also had to appeal to the great bullies and their parents, and he did not dare.

Not that I was an angel myself (once again I am ashamed of my behaviour and have apologized to her later) but this man should have learned better as a teacher, saw the bullied come under his nose, and tried instead to establish his ‘ authority ‘ by me on Something very different to speak.

It.Not elegant but it does work, as I have experienced in elementary school. Later I was also bullied at work. I started working somewhere else.

How to deal with bullying

A bully is out to see his or her victim suffer so that he or she can have distress.

By nature, man is out to flee for pain or to search for pleasure and/or happiness.Therefore, a bully is out to see his victim flee for pain so that he can have fun D. M. V suffering so-called.

Most bullies have often even been victims of bullying, which in the long term allowed them to bully others, who were weaker than them, to flee the pain and seek pleasure in the form of LEED Entertainment.

This is something that I myself have experienced.I was often bullied in Group 3 through Group 6 and therefore I started to learn to fight which allowed me to bully in Group 6 and 7 others who were weaker than I am.

In Group 7 I learned this later, because others were going to form groups to fight against me.

So the best thing you can do against bullying is to not flee for the pain of rejection or humiliation but to turn the authorities on or to fight against it in so far as it is possible or to laugh with the bullies to yourself which makes them no suffering entertainment may have.

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