How did you chose your pet? When did you know that this animal was a match for you?

Since I have 2 females and a dog, I’ll try to keep it short:)

A few years after my previous dog died, I got the idea to get a new dog, for my mother, together with Papa.She was very attached to the dog so she was there-softly expressed-broken. We took her to a shelter, then a kennel. In The shelter was an old dog who immediately appealed to us: dark rough coat, soft eyes, etc. Briefly said: Almost an exact copy of our previous dog. So unfortunately it didn’t become…

In The kennel There were a few litters with puppies of different breeds.I still remember it quite well: as a froshing calf sat our Billy jumping around among the other puppies, just very excited to see us. Billy was never one of the most beautiful dogs there; The dogs are bred for beauty competitions and he has a slight deformation that makes him look a bit like a bulldog (lower jaw stands forward). They even let him fall asleep if he did not get lost from the kennel.

My mother crouched down and started to pet Billy, while the other puppies were forced to take off.One minute after she suddenly stood up and walked out, ‘ I don’t want a dog anymore, I don’t want a dog anymore ‘. Daddy looked at me hopelessly in the eyes.

“Daddy, Take That,” I said. The time began to penetrate because Mama sat crying waiting in the car, firmly convinced that she did not want a dog anymore.He counted the money down and took the puppy with him.


My first black hangover has been handpicked by my parents; Litter from the shelter.

So I cannot tell you much about this.


The story of my second hangover is a little different.

The grandparents of a friend of me had a large garden with therein an old caravan.Together with a few other friends we decided to make this caravan our ‘ hotspot ‘, for 3 summers. The grandparents were all too happy; All that young people and especially their grandson who came to the floor again more often.

Their garden bordered on another, equally large garden.There had been a wild cat in an old barn. So we didn’t only have a nice view and a firm caravan at your disposal, even here and there we saw the occasional kitten shooting (blessed right?)

What I started to notice after a time was that there were less and fewer kittens.Since we arrived daily we already knew the whole brood. It bore me worries. Of a litter of 8 kittens, we finally saw 2 by the end of the month; Even the mama we had found along the street (hit).

There was another white cat with red spots (then Mittens), and a black cat (then Alex) with white socks.I thought ‘ now it’s good ‘, when one day I saw the white kitty sand and moss eating. A friend whipped up, and 1.5 hours of sitting hunting. Even in a tree climbed.

Taken home, the day after to the vet.The poor beast was heavily malnourished and dehydrated, had diarrhea and worms. 3 weeks old. Would not survive an infusion. According to the veterinarian, not much could be done, it depended on the beast’s will to survive.

4 years later, our hangover Gringo:

Most of my kittens have come to blow.

Current set consists of a wanderer and a hit kitten that was injured in the middle of the road.

Both were around half a year when they came into my life. (now 10 and 2)

My last year died kitten was for a child from the neighborhood that didn’t want him anyway.The neighbors thought ‘ she already has a cat, wants to fix it still ‘.

So I don’t choose them, they come naturally.

If I could choose it, I would choose on character.Of me they may be outside, but not outside my garden (I live in the center of a village). Because I’m kinda worried one because I don’t want others to suffer from my animals. That must be in agreement with the cat who wants to live here.

When I lived together, we also had dogs.My then-boyfriend has also selected the breed on character. After that we started to look at a breeder and chose that feeling. That was a Boerboel male. We visited the puppies every week from 10WKN. That was a great doggy. Four years later we got a Boerboel female via marketplace. Before that, we went to visit with our dog to see if it clicked. Well, he was directly in love with his ears, I have never seen him go out so far.

In any case, I think you should always go for character.And then on feeling. And see if the animal wants to be with you too, it has to come from two sides.

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