How did Elon Musk become so successful?

Elon became so successful because of his compulsivepersonality.

  • At 11, he taught himself how to code.

This required time and effort and a lot of perseverance.I think this crazy performance is often overlooked – I tried to program (it was taught to me) and I gave up after a few days. I’m 16.

  • During his childhood, he read diligently and in unusual quantities.
  • In my experience, this does not require perseverance – reading is fun and extremely rewarding, but it requires a certain way to read in most of the waking moments of the day.

  • When he was at university, he took up a lot of subjects – two masters and a doctorate at Stanford.
  • This requires hundreds of intensive and devoted hours of work.

  • He was incontrol.
  • While his roommate was the personification of the “party”, he remained sober. He made his money selling tickets at the door, paid his rent, tuition fees and more – and ultimately financed Zip2. This is often overlooked, because if he had drunk too much, he probably wouldn’t have had the money to convince his father to invest in his first startup. Sobriety is the key to success…

    Look at the young guy!


    • When he met his first wife, Justine, more than 8 years ago, he was confident and stubborn enough to continue flirting until she had gone out with him.

    He asked her several times, and when she finally said yes, he forgot / he had no time to meet her! He tried to save his relationship by taking two ice creams for the two! Without his beautiful buddy he A) wouldn’t have been cool enough to be the legend he is now (peoplewould have seen him as a nerd, too ambitious student – but this actually supported the fact that he has managed to make a variety of to overcome impossibility and thus convince investors to invest in Tesla, etc.) B) would never have had his children, who probably contributed to his drive, and C) would not have been able to satisfy his sexual drive – WHAT (althoughthis seems very strange for an audience that did not work with Napoleon Hill Thisis the most critical part of what drives most executives, even if they don’t know.(Astory for another time) 😉

  • Musk is often reserved, but knows how to have a lot of fun.
  • Fun for a man like Musk requires more and more spontaneous impulsesto satisfy personalities like Musk.His funny life makes him the envy of many – the reason he has gained fame. He was first seen with Cara Delavigne, Kendall Jenner, Orlando Bloom, Zendaya, Clooney and Serena Williams. It required a personality committed to saving humanity. For his birthday, he rented a huge Scottish castle, flew in his guests and had himself thrown with knives by a professional dressed as a samurai. He built an accident with his million-dollar car, where it overturned and landed on the roof, he laughed instead of being devastated and crying: “And best of all,I didn’t even have insurance!”

  • He also launched Zip2 the day after arriving at Stanford because he was surprised by the lack of innovation.
  • Had he been in the shadows, he would have lost all his potential. This requires confidence and impulsiveness.

  • When he worked on Zip2, he wrote code until he fell asleep.
  • Then he asked his colleagues to kick his beanbag when they came to the office in the morning 鈥?he blinked and shook his head to wake up, found where he had left off, andcontinued.

    This feature is why Gates and Torvalds became so successful – they programmed in marathons to create a truly unique or improved product.

    • His self-confidence drove him to invest everything he earned in his livelihood.

    He bought a McLaren F1. However, this was noted as a strategic step for his later business. In cnn’s documentary, he literally exudes self-confidence, potential, and quirks.

  • Happiness was on his side.
  • joined the rival company at the perfect time, anchoring its interests in a company that would become a billion-dollar company.PayPal sold shortly before the dotcom bubble burst in 2001 – by which time it had launched both Tesla and SpaceX, and was unhindered as PayPal’s entire business lost momentum.

    I could talk about the psychology of his public speech, the approach, the optimism, the humour, Amber freaking Heard, Tallulah freaking Riley, Grimes, the friends and family from whom he has made successful business partners – but the truth is that Musk’s has always had a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong.At university, he wrote down the great industries that will change humanity – genetics, space, transport, energy, and the Internet. In the end, he turned 3 1/2 of these mega-industries around. Pretty cool.

    Thank you very much.640 followers on this question ?! – P.S. All this, is out of my head, so he may have wiped sleep outof his eyes instead of shaking his head awake.It is more or less accurate 😀

    (Bill Gates 20 years later)

    (Tbh this is my favorite Elon Musk answer)

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