How dependent are you on your partner?

It sometimes happens that my wife needs a week out for her work.

My wife:

My wife has been able to form my personality, develop into who I have become.

Her gaze has contributed to my awakening, and she is therefore essential to my existence.


If my wife is not there, I feel especially very empty,

I have a week arguing with the dishwasher,

I walk against a burnout because of the crowds at home with the kids,

And last but not least:

I have no one to whom I can read interesting Quora answers.


I am reasonably dependent on my partner

My mother depended on my father, although not finantorial but nevertheless she always felt dependent on him.Every time she sought confirmation from him even when it was something trivial, like her outfit. And when he found it nothing, she became angry.

My father has not been there for 6 years.Every week she goes to the cemetery. It is Catholic but it does not matter, she has buried him there because it is near her, and is Jewish burial place on the other side of Cologne. So she can visit him every week.

Every week, fresh flowers bring to its grave.If something happens for which he was normally responsible (chores, printer malfunction, laptop freezes etc) She gets angry at him. Because he died earlier than she did.

When I see this, I get feelings of guilt and powerlessness.I have never had such connection with anyone and I am not going to make that conscious.

I am fairly independent of all the partners I had.At one point after-my child. If he is good for my child, it is for me motivation number 1, 2 and 3 to stay with this partner.

I can’t do without my wife.If I am a couple of days abroad for my work, which happens regularly, I am grumpy after two days without her and after three days I miss her (and our children) so much that it hurts physically. We have been together for 27 years and she has simply become a part of me that I can no longer do without.

What is dependent?That you cannot live without the person or that you do a lot of things in life together or that the other takes care of you financially or that your own value is based on the other? There are a lot of possibilities of being dependent on someone. I think I am affectionate, not dependent. We are very much together. Now a little less than first, because I have a new job, but first we worked in the same company. Then you are really almost 24 hours a day together. I think it is important in a relationship that you know who you are and love yourself and that you also know what you have on the other. Openness and honesty are paramount. From this attitude, you can, for example, choose to be financially dependent on the other, without it being harmful. If you are together, you are always in a certain way dependent on each other I think, but that can be done in a healthy way. You still have to make arrangements with each other and of course you will be influenced if the other does not hold an appointment. For example you are speaking off to go eight ways to work, but if the other is too slow, you come too late. I think it’s very unhealthy if you’re emotionally dependent on someone, but are dependent on practical things, don’t have to be bad at all. This can be a great deal of cooperation, I think.

I have no partner, I work, travel and live solo.Sometimes I travel together with my son, because it is so convenient.

As a nomade, it is difficult to have a relationship.Just find a good partner who can also work online and want to travel endlessly.

I do notice that when I travel together with my son, I easily give things out of hands, like this: he does.Partly because he likes to settle that, and because we get slamming arguing if I do mind it.

So I am not really dependent on him, but I am so aware of the peace and quiet in the already so troubled life of a nomade.

I live without a partner nowadays, because I found that interdependence and that inescapable parallel life that leads you with a partner is too impeded.I am much happier now.

My partner and I have a weekend wedding.She works and lives in Amsterdam, I in Wesel in Germany. Only the weekends and during the holidays we are together. I think that our mutual dependence is limited but also different. She is a very stable personality who knows well what she wants. I am somewhat less stable and more doubtful about myself. She is also a rock in the surf for me.

In the family I depend on my partner to find a good balance in life.As long as there is balance, there is a mutual dependence without a dependency. In doing so, I would like to say that we could both go ahead and be successful in life. But we are together and therefore always stronger than 1.

With his partner, we usually make quite a few agreements that make them dependent, because they assume that they are respected.If that does not comply, a lot of beautiful time will be lost to hassle and even quarrels.

A very valid reason to put a point behind the relationship when the other consistently fails to fulfil the agreements.After all, the other is regularly dependent on that.

Also in love are your partners love dependent.If it Is not, yours will also quickly get to the partner.

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