How can you teach yourself programming?

By NOT starting to learn a programming language.May sound contradictory but you should actually have a good mindset to start as a programmer. I have been giving C# for years and if there is anything I have learned then it is that the language is actually totally not important. What is important is that you are a problem solver, one that never specifies. Start investigating a problem and don’t give up until you’ve found a solution to that problem. Then draw the solution on paper in different steps, recheck your paper until you have all the small steps on your paper that lead to the final solution. Repeat this for a new problem.

You will then automatically find that you are starting to create all sorts of constructions such as something that you can temporarily keep a figure or a letter in or something with which you can make a decision or something to test whether something is true or not where to continue with your O Plossing.

Those things that you will automatically feel are then the variables (which keep something in memory), the IF.. else constructions (to take decisions), the For And while loops (to check for repetitive tasks).

So it is much more important that you make an evolution in your thinking pattern, because so you learn to think like a programmer, then you try to learn some language and constantly search for code on the Internet.

Programming has also become so extensive that you will only work in a niche later, like for example Frontend or backend or Web programming in ASP or PHP.


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Like everything in life, you learn by spending time on it.Everything you do regularly will get better at it. The problem with programming is that you only learn something when you have specific assignments.

Take a command to set up a website for someone, or a say you can do something before you can.

What I find a very beautiful way that always comes in handy is to create a website from scratch.

You learn a lot in that process.What is HTTP, what is a webserver? Ah Code are files! You can develop it locally on your computer. There is a lot of help available on the Internet. From absolute beginner manuals to the most professional help that exists.

But the important thing is how much time you are busy with it.And you only have that motivation if you can work on something concrete.

Programming is the best course on earth in terms of free training.You need nothing but time, Internet and a device.

To design a building you need papers, to become a lawyer you need papers, but programmers… There are actually no real training courses!Every enthusiast can work on mission-critical software.

A good book and just start, fall and get up and continue.What do you want to accomplish with programming?

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