How can you stop you from feeling heavily offended every time you receive criticism?

The ‘ You feel insulted ‘ is a choice you make yourself.You would also be able to embrace criticism: apparently people find you worthwhile to provide feedback. The alternative is that they stop criticizing. That is a form of indifference: ‘ Oh, he/she again, let, not worth the trouble ‘.

Every person has their own ‘ compass ‘ with which you can determine your own course.But a compass must be calibrated constantly, otherwise you will get off course. ‘ Getting criticism ‘ is that calibration. Be happy with it!

Some people are of character (so naturally) more sensitive to criticism than others, it is not something that has to do with your self-image.And no one likes to receive criticism, not even dosed, justified criticism, though it is a huge amount of inpact, how you bring it.

In addition to relativating and releasing, it is normal that you sometimes get started.It is important to not linger in a negative environment of people, but also to get positive feedback. That is the beautiful side: very sensitive people can also grow a lot by the right appreciation.


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It could be that some people give criticism some awkward.But when you feel “heavily insulted” every time, it is something that lies with you. You instinctively reject the criticism, but not let it penetrate you.

You are not flawless, but you can improve yourself.Try to see criticism as a way to improve yourself. Still remember your driving lessons? You got clues to improve you.

Try to improve yourself in your work, Hobbie or home situation (in life).See criticism as pointing points where you can improve.

I think there are 3 possible reactions to criticism/feedback;

1st place; Stop feeling insulted.Simple Make the choice not to let your ego hurt first but listen to the facts; WHAT is being said? (not the tone or from whom it comes)


2) Look at the criticism, weigh it off and when it is valuable to you you can do something with it to improve yourself,

3) Look at the criticism, weigh it off and when it is not valuable to you you can decide to put it next to you as the opinion of another that does not correspond to yours and therefore does not constitute a ground for improvement.

Further Remember that someone might be struggling to criticize criticism and so it is best to take courage from someone, if you are so lightly touched.So it’s actually a daring ‘ investment ‘ to criticise you because that might even put the (friendship?) at risk.

So you can react to any kind of criticism with a ‘ Thank you, I’m going to think about it ‘…

The only way is, I think, every time you receive criticism try to discover how that criticism can be conceived constructive and well-intentioned.But I think it’s really very difficult.

Most people do not express criticism of offending another, but with the aim of pointing out that they disagree with an abandonment, conduct or such.

The exceptions say more about (the inferiority of) themselves than about the offended.

Do you get that often?Then they might be right.

1.Admit criticism, and think. Do not deprive. It is the effect of you on your environment, not what you think you did.

2.Change something in your behavior, and

3.See if that has effect. More or less criticism?

Then return to step 1.

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