How can you stop to base your self-esteem on your success and achievements that you have achieved in life?

I think self-esteem is a derivative of personal success and performance.Social success can also increase your sense of self-esteem, but it makes you dependent on others.

A good example is the Buddha.He feels dissatisfied with his life, touches in depression, but gets out of the depression as he accepts everything as it is. His enlightenment is his personal success. He even creates a story and becomes a teacher, and also gets social success.

If it’s bad with you, if you’re sick, your self value is zero.You can accept everything as it is, and derive value from that acceptance, but that acceptance is also a success. Also you can be thief, liar and scammer and find yourself very well. So self-esteem is not moral in itself. If you are a really good scammer you can also have social success.

But is life not hollow and empty?I think life is hollow and empty if you do not experience tension anymore, if you do not learn and are not challenged. This is peculiar to all life. In an amoeba is another liquid than in the surrounding water, so there is a voltage difference.

Stephen Hawkins borrowed his self-esteem from his ability to think, his genius.His muscles did not come down, but his brain cells did.

Self-esteem does not take you out of fear, subordinarity or your ability to be abused.No self-esteem stems from being able to survive and overcome difficulties. In short, success.

What is self value anyway? \U2028appreciate the ability to appreciate your own positive characteristics in all honesty without being self-centered.And to accept your mistakes in peace and without shame.In addition, self-esteem also includes the courage to admit that you can, and sometimes must, change when you are not happy with yourself.

What is so special about high self-esteem?
If you radiate a high self-esteem, you often get mirrored by others who are more positive to you, and you experience more opportunities in life.

What’s so hard about it?
Many people seek self-esteem purely outside themselves.

But that’s not the good place. For self-esteem, you must first contact yourself .If you’re in a dark period today, that’s often because you don’t care for yourself. What you have to do is put a step backwards. It’s never about the circumstances. It’s never about what happens to you or who treats you badly, or how much is in your bank account. It’s about how you take care of yourself.

What are tips to build your self-esteem?
1.Listen to your intuition. Trust your inner voice.
2.Embrace yourself with positive people. Your environment has an impact on yourself that is not to be underestimated.
3.Find something you’re passionate about and get better at it. Progress and realizations day to your growth as a human being.
4.Put yourself in the wool and be kind to yourself.How you take care of yourself you read in this blog post.

Why would you stop doing so?

“Past results do not guarantee the future” is such a clich茅 that admittedly is not a lie, but on the other hand you better not undervalue yourself to what you did in the past so well.Brushing your experience with excuses like “My little son can do it” [really happened to others who want to underestimate you for their bouncy reasons to frustrate you even further than you are already looking for paid work after your 45th.

By becoming aware that these are illusions of your own ego.

It is fine to have success, but are and remain illusions.

Even though you will be through others to your achievements and successes.

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