How can you stop searching to be accepted by others in everyday life?

By being as you want to be and at extension doing what is valuable to you.

Whether it is education, culture or society we are often given to conform.Where this works fine for many people. Is it for a large group not to do Joh.

  • Earn as much
  • Do so socially
  • Buy this House
  • Make your family proud

Et. Frickin. Cetera

By being just as you want with all the flaws hobbies and wishes and to move in a way that makes you happy.. Stop being accepted at any given time and notice that this is already happening and more.

Simple concept.Challenging task.

By learning from yourself and learning to accept yourself, you will find less to the acceptance of others.

It is true that acceptance is a life need as others say, but a strong dependence and constant need to be validated, accepted or reassured may indicate problems in the youth, in which you may never be sufficiently Have felt accepted or loved by your parents.

Sometimes the help of a therapist or his Group Therapies is needed in which you start to improve your 芒 鈧?虄chronische芒 鈧劉 low self-esteem.

I think this is really impossible.The confirmation by the other is a life requirement. Even Sartre said already: 芒 鈧?the hell that is the ander芒 鈧? also in his negative look he can not do without the other.

If you are constantly looking to be accepted by others in everyday life you are a lovejunk.By being lovejunk or people pleaser, people not only leave a lot of energy away but they also leave their own needs and needs on the back plan. Therefore these 7 tips to stop being a lovejunk.

1.Become aware that you are a lovejunk
Maybe you’re all your life.And it is a deeply ingrained habit that is rooted in the way you see yourself and the world. You will not be able to stop this habit immediately. Don’t expect that either. Start by noticing when you behave like a lovejunk. What are the circumstances? Which people trigger this behavior? What else could you do next time? Tracking a journal helps.

2.Know the difference between being good will and being a lovejunk
It is not a matter of the fact that you are doing nothing for another.Notice when you really want to do something for another and when you do something just because another asks it. Make better choices for yourself.


Understand from where it comes
Have a look back in your life: When did you start?How have you gotten the idea that the needs of others were more important than yours? Did you get a lot of recognition as a child because you helped others? Or did you fear that you would be rejected if you did not do what others asked?

4.Pay attention to negative feelings
If you find yourself angry, resentful, frustrated or sad after interacting with someone, ask yourself if it is because you are a lovejunk.Have you just agreed to something you didn’t really wish? Have you just told someone a lie to keep him/her well-disposed? Often lovejunk behavior is so deeply ingrained that you do not even notice it more to yourself, and the negative feelings you have afterwards 芒 鈧?”or opposite a certain person feel 芒 鈧? are then sometimes the only clue.

5.Don’t worry about 芒 鈧?艗ego芒 鈧?be
Many people I coach are worried that they (as) will be Selfish (viewed) when they recognize their own needs and learn 芒 鈧?虄neen芒 鈧劉 say.In my experience, lovejunks are so far on the scale that even if they radically change their behaviour, they are still more generous and rather than most people.So don’t worry about it! Really selfish people can’t even care that they are selfish.

6.Pay attention to your posture
Avoid a “victim”鈩?(bent, small, submissive) and take a deep breath while keeping your head upright.Especially when you are inclined to admit once again.
Stand or sit straight and take a deep breath: It helps you to keep the promises to yourself while you are under pressure from others.Your appearance will also make others will bother you less.

7.Let you help
If you are surrounded by people who do not respect you and want to impose their will on you, it can do wonders to invoke the help of a coach or counselor.It can help you to find your strength again and teach your techniques to get better for yourself.

By watching ES in the mirror and using less stress to impress.People accept you as you are after a while, you harvest what you sow:P

Since I don’t really know an answer I don’t pull me on whether they accept me or not I am who I am

Yes at a given moment you really have to stop there.Especially as a man, that is of course determined. Unless you are clearly successful. They are rather lost than rich. Young people just want to reinvent the wheel for themselves.

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