How can you stop constantly working on what others can think of you?

When you are constantly worried about what friends, family, colleagues or even strangers might think on the streets, you are consuming a lot of energy.

And even more: you stop yourself from reaching your own personal goals.

These steps help you to break with this stubborn habit and stop constantly working on what others can think of you.

Step 1: Ask yourself what is important to YOU

Be clear and honest with yourself about what is really important to you.Maybe you hate to cook, even though your mother thinks you have to put a completely freshly prepared meal on the table every night.You may find the fitness terrible, even if your best friend is training three times a week.

Other people will often have a judgement about you because you do not meet their standards.But if you are faithful to your own goals and values, then you will not need the approval of others.

Step 2: Remember that they are not all looking at you

The truth is that you are n贸t the center of the world.I also do not besides. 😉

Most people around you are far too busy with their own lives and don’t have time to think much about you.

Maybe you think you have said something very stupid at that party, or are you convinced that that pimple on your nose is very noticeable, or that everyone still has the full deal about that mistake you made last week… The truth is that probably none of them has noticed anything!

Step 3: Realize that their opinion can’t hurt you

SAY: It is now clear to you what you really think is important and you know that you are not the focal point of all attention.Then there will be situations where people have an opinion about you: at work, or when you are together with friends, or just when you are in a place.

In most situations, the opinions of others cannot hurt you.

Of course, that brutal child of neighbors can summon something rude about your new hair style.But in no way can this opinion affect your life (unless you allow it).

There are some cases where judgments make a difference -such as the evaluation by your boss at work -but the question is whether you are worried about the people who do in your life, or about the people who are not so important to you?

You can devote your whole life to trying to make strangers and casual acquaintances think well about you (by standing in front of the mirror for hours, for example, or by paying a fortune for a car that you can’t really afford).The people who really matter, your family and friends, will however appreciate you for who you are.

Step 4: Accept that you can’t control what people think

If you have some predisposition to be a control freak, this is a difficult one -but you can’t control people’s minds.

You have no idea of what could go through their heads, or why.

People react in very different ways.Perhaps your friend is impressed by an expensive watch on someone else’s wrist -while you just think people shouldn’t be throwing money. Other people will think all sorts of things about you, and their thoughts will say more about them than youdo.

Other people’s thoughts -good, bad or indifferent -are theirs.Enjoy your life to the fullest; You can’t do well for everyone at the same time, and there’s also no reason to try that.

The next time you’re worried about what someone might think of you, ask yourself, “can their thoughts really touch me?” … and continue with whatever it is that YOU want to do.

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