How can you reach more on social media?

Install regular postings and use the timetable

  • A basic rule for increasing the social media reach lies in the regularity of the posts.

Those who use Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Twitter are at least interested in omnichannel marketing. Only those who offer their readers up-to-date posts will retain their followers in the long term. Above all, it is important to use automation tools or to install a daily routine for editing social media accounts. Especially the optimal supply of the social media channels with the most read articles can influence the reach once again. The use of recycled content can also bring in additional followers and contribute to an omnichannel marketing approach when used at different levels.

Use hashtags, challenges and groups

  • Hashtags are a real hit to gain reach.

This is where real top lists have developed. With the possibility not only to follow people, but also to be able to follow hashtags and topics, they have gained further “value”. Here, the central, most used hashtags are quite relevant for their own reach. Those who include both hashtags and locations in their posts achieve up to 500% more reach in places. The opening of Facebook groups is also effective. Anyone who posts their content here can look forward to numerous comments and contributions.

Follow-for-follow was yesterday

  • Follow for Follow worked.

When the numbers of followers were still relatively manageable, there was usually the easy way to gain followers by increasing the number of followers. This tactic no longer works. At the moment, greater care is being taken to ensure that the quality is also right. In addition, the respective users should also fit their own interests. That is why a new strategy that goes hand in hand with involvement is taking effect today. If you actively interact with your followers, you will also get more subscribers. Above all, it’s about appreciating users just as much, sharing posts and much more. With this approach, it’s more likely that you’ll get followers as well. The interaction also increases the value of your own profile.

So if you are hoping for an active number of followers, you will be forced to interact more with users in the long run.

Include topics and link them to their own profile or articles

  • In order to generate new users, it also makes sense to include topics and comment on them in a foreign location.

In this way, one’s own name is even more widely used. A perception outside one’s own medium is achieved. Ultimately, self-promotion starts not only on its own profile, but also on the competitor. So commenting is certainly a good acquisition activity. In addition, you create a peer group in which acceptance is ultimately also returned. Reciprocity should not be underestimated. In addition, there is an increasing probability that there will also be a lively exchange on one’s own side.

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