How can you make money at the age of 19?

A very good question, because I myself am only 19.The question is generally asked, but I am simply restricting it to the Internet. There are a number of working business models that make money online.

Textile products

I started my own fashion brand last year.This was more experimental and not really successful. But I was also very busy learning for the Abitur. I called my brand Passioon and used Teezily, a French on-demand printing company.So my job was to design an appealing design and take over the marketing, the rest was done by Teezily.

My findings

+ A T-shirt business can be very profitable if, for example, you find hobby-based, emotionally charged audiences who live for their hobby.

– A fashion label, on the other hand, is very difficult to establish


Dropshipping is an incredibly ingenious thing, because you can play products from to perfect target groups with little effort and can collect a high ROI (= return on investment) with influencer marketing.

My findings

+ a very good model to start and gain first experiences.Good also to test the market and individual target groups. I advise you to test everything in a small circle first and to scale up your ads with good CTR, good relevance factor and low click prices of your ads, i.e. to invest more budget. Be aware that it sometimes takes 20 products or more to find your outstanding product. But this one product makes you profitable.

– Unfortunately very short-term, as you can assume that competitors will spy and their success will not be denied.The result is the ever-increasing competition, which means that you have to resort to other products, permanently. This does not create long-term customer loyalty.

Digital products, services, Amazon FBA, consulting, etc.

There are so many business models and at least as many brilliant personalities that bring you closer to them.That’s why I’ll take this opportunity to summarize:

The only difference we young entrepreneurs have to established, older competitors is that we are not given too much authority.This is obviously complete nonsense and is based only on clich茅d thinking, see successful young entrepreneurs like Lukas Mankow or Jeremy Feyh.

So never let anyone shut you down because of your age.Our biggest advantage is our age.We are young, innovative and think around the corner. Use this as your weapon.

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