How can you love someone after being separated for 20 years?


True love remains, whether separated or together for 20 years.

In my case, it was even 45!

I met my “school love” more than 48 years ago.I fell in love. Can love be real at the age of 16? Oh yes. Ask Romeo.

I joined the army at the age of 18.We have written to each other all the time. We spoke on the phone. We saw each other when I came home on holiday. But three years of long-distance relationship is a long time for such young lovers.

It seems too long.

Before I got out, we had separated.We both made mistakes. And we both regretted it. The years passed and she married. A year later, I did.

Although I loved my wife, I had never lost that love for her.

She divorced her husband when I was still married.I divorced my wife, but she remarried in that time. More years passed. I was with several women, but never found such a love I had with her.

She lived in Chicago, then in Iowa, while I stayed in Washington state.Every now and then we wrote on Facebook so as not to lose ourselves.

About 40 years later, she divorced her second husband and returned to Washington.

A glimmer of hope…

But she has a boyfriend.

And I’m dying.Living with COPD (lung disease) after 19 years.

A friend for me set up a fundraiser for a portable oxygen concentrator for me and shared it on Facebook.

A few months ago, Lori discovered it after leaving her boyfriend a year earlier.She reaches for me. She wants to meet.

After 45 years, on March 5th of this year, I go to the door … and she stands before me.I’m overwhelmed with emotion. We embrace each other. We cry. We talk. We cry even more.

We separated so long ago because of a misunderstanding.She, too, had never really lost her love for me! Fate and circumstances had kept us apart for decades. Love has brought us back together.

We are now two old people in our sixties who share and appreciate a love that has lasted for 45 years.This love is deep, lasting, all enduring. It’s a real miracle.

I live again

No more thoughts about my impending death.Just from my life with her. Driven by this intense love, my condition has improved. The time we still have is precious. Love is a lifetime. We understand the invaluable nature of love. We know through experience what true love is and what true love can do.

Now something news:

Lori has to go to Longview, a city a few hours away from where I live.She left the day before yesterday. I miss her already…

She moved back in with her mother because her new work is there.I don’t have a car or a driver’s license – so I hope she visits me when she’s free.

Apparently, fate wants to try again to divide us.But this time we will not allow it! We stand up!

She will be looking for a home of her own in her new home, so that I can move in there.I leave everything for them, even my son doesn’t have to come along.

Who is it?She is my one and all.

present… it all seems to be a dream.

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