How can you learn to be more thankful for all that you have in your life?

Remember that you got a promotion at work and you purchased a new car, and you always felt happy since then?

No?Me neither.

It does indeed not work. We buy things, we achieve goals, we spoil ourselves – but a lasting feeling of happiness does not.

What does it work? According to scientific research, the answer is: gratitude.

Not being happy often comes down to some form of fear: Fear of not having enough, fear of not being good enough.

For example, you may feel miserable at work because you are afraid that you can’t handle your job and that you get fired.For example, you have been hesitated to start your own business for a year because you are afraid that customers will not find you professionally enough. If someone cuts you the pass in traffic and you get angry because it jeopardized you, then that is also fear.

But gratitude goes against that fear. If you can train yourself to be in a state of gratitude, you can greatly reduce your anxiety and open yourself up to happiness.

The simple technique
And that training of yourself is actually not that difficult.Every night before you go to sleep, make a list of five things you are thankful for.

It seems rather odd or bizarre in the beginning, but everyone can think of five things.You can be thankful for your family, for a sunny day, a nice meal, your health, your best friend, a new insight or a special moment. Even if it’s bad with you, you can still be thankful for the fact that things don’t go even worse.

There is no need to censor or correct. Whether the things on your list are as deep as the love of a parent for a child, or as frivolous as my love for chocolate, the most important thing is that you find at least five things for which you are thankful.

It doesn’t take long before you notice an effect.In One study , participants turned out to be 25% happier after two weeks of doing this exercise.

Why does this technique work?
By making a daily Thanksgiving list, you reschool your brain to notice positive things.We come across so much information every minute of our lives, that our brains must filter most of it. Imagine that you would notice every tick of the clock or every footstep, you would be mad. But when you learn a new word, you can see or hear that word suddenly everywhere. Because it now has the label ‘ important ‘, your brain notices it instead of letting it run in the background.

And you can benefit from that effect. By making your daily Thanksgiving list, your brain sits on the lookout to find things you can be thankful for.And soon you start noticing it everywhere.

More and more you’ll notice positive experiences while they happen, and you also feel thankful at the moment itself.And afterwards, you’ll enjoy it again as you think back and put them on your list.

In Another study, the participants only made a daily list for one week.By the end of the week they showed more happiness and less depression, and in addition, six months later they still felt the positive effects.

And you? Do you want to try this simple technique to feel better once a week: just write 5 lines every day?How would it be to make a note of what you are thankful for right now?

Living in the here and now: then you will not get any less what goes well.Mindfulness.

Taste and enjoy, take time sooner than any fun experience goking up as if it was the first of an endless row.

Do not live in the future.You know, actually, not whether there will be really a tomorrow, and if there is one you don’t know how that will look like. By this I certainly don’t mean that you have to live as if it were your last day, but it did: make it count.

Certainly not to worry about the past.Door.

Reduce negative thoughts and worries to a span of time.That means e.g. you can leave your work loose when you go home. If you have health concerns, do all the necessary, but be sure not to worry about it. Ditto for other worries.

In the evening, watch your day, how it has been, and note what you are thankful for.Stay there for a moment and enjoy the feeling. Write it down in a diary or scripture. After a few months you will see how much there was to be thankful for!

And don’t forget: Life was a gift!

Something that has shaken me tremendously was the images I got to see on TV during the news.I immediately realised that not everyone has the same happiness as me. I would therefore look into the confrontation with people or communities that are in a lesser situation. This sounds very selfish since you are trying to feel yourself better by the problems of others, therefore it is important to get you here with a critical attitude to open up.


Each day you write 5 things you are thankful for.It may be everything and not think.

In the beginning it will still be general things (family, pets, etc), but after a while it is getting smaller and get your gratitude out of everyday things.

My list for today:

The Sun

The Swing

The bubbles from the bubble blow

The seller in the grocery store

The ice cream machine of the fries tent.

Things that seem odd to be thankful for, but together they have ensured that I and daughter had a fine day today.

By realizing every day that there are people who are worse off than you

The realization is already there, then the rest naturally follows in a natural way.

Just start at the beginning, for everything to be thankful and everything will change in positive sense.Thoughts become reality in the long term. As, where a will is, is a way, the way is created by the will.

Score 10 things every evening that you are thankful for, e.g. that you breathe, you have a roof over your head, that your body does it, that you had a super spot to park, that someone laughs at you, that cup of coffee etcetera

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