How can you learn to avoid negative thoughts about yourself as much as possible?

Most people have negative thoughts about themselves.These are the 7 most common.Instead of trying to avoid them frantically, you better replace them with an alternative way of thinking.I also give you this.

1.I’m not good enough

When we feel that we are not good enough, we doubt ourselves and have a low sense of self-esteem.

But the truth is that everyone is good enough. You may not have the skills to accomplish what you want today, but you are certainly good enough and you are worthy to get what you desire.

If you have a 10 euro banknote and it falls on the ground in a muddy puddle, does that 10 euro lose its value?Sure not! So why would you feel less valuable based on what you have done in your life? Don’t limit yourself, because everyone is good enough.

New positive thought: I am worthy to accomplish what I want.


I can’t

Henry Ford said: 芒 鈧?艙Whether you think you can do it or that you can’t, you’re right. 芒 鈧?/p>

When you tell yourself that you can’t do something, send that message to your brain, and that will be your experience.Your brain won’t try it if you’ve already told it you can’t.

New positive thought: I can supply everything I’m on.

3.I don’t have as much luck as other people

Do you also have the illusion that other people’s lives are better, that they are more fortunate?Perfection does not exist, and there is often a lot of trouble in that 芒 鈧?虄lucky鈩? Thinking that you will never be lucky, deprives you of strength. And it’s simply not true.

New positive thought: good things can happen to me too.

4.I don’t think I’ll…

What you believe becomes your reality.You create your future every day through the choices you make, and through your habits. You can sabotage the opportunities on your path by limiting your thoughts. How would it be to believe that you can do and experience what you really desire? Do not Stop before you have given yourself a chance.

New positive thought: I am confident that I am…

5.I should be better than I am

The word 芒 鈧?虄zou芒 鈧劉 In this sense makes you feel less than you are.

How often do you hear yourself (against yourself) saying: 芒 鈧?虄I should be smarter, have more discipline, do more, 芒 鈧?娄 then now. 芒 鈧劉 How do you feel about doing so?Not so good right?

Instead, how would it be to set yourself a goal to change what you are not satisfied with?Instead of telling yourself what you would need 芒 鈧?虄芒 鈧劉 or 芒 鈧?虄would Willen芒 鈧劉 do? Take action to change things.

New positive thought: I put steps to change what I don’t like.

6.I’m not strong enough

It is very human and normal to not feel strong enough at certain times.What is important is how to talk to yourself afterwards: do you feel the feeling? Or do you say to yourself that you are strong enough to deal with what is occurring?

New positive thought: I am strong enough to deal with this.

7.Worst Case Scenario

Negative thinking is thinking in terms of the worst case scenario.How would it be to suggest you the best case scenario instead?

Our thoughts are very powerful and whether you are imagys the worst or the best scenario, you will influence your results.

Stop focusing on what you want in favor of what you do want.

We all have some of these negative thoughts. That is human.But if the majority of your thoughts goes in this direction, then you are hiding your own happiness.

Don’t limit yourself any longer.Become a master of your thoughts. Alone, or with a life coach. Because by becoming master of your thoughts, you also become a master of your life. Whatever you think, you’re right!

Just got it a lot less since I do two things:

  1. Dodge negative and toxic people.

Broke, or strongly reduced contact with people in my acquaintances circle that were so. Left them far too long in my life.

  • Search and maintain contact with people who encourage, build and support me.
  • To date I am an expert in negative thinking, so my advice as an experiential expert.

    1. Search distraction.

    Boredom and too much time are ideal breeding ground for negative thoughts. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you get out of the passivity, where the mind storms can grow.

  • Relativise.
  • Negative thoughts add nothing meaningful to your life. There is nothing wrong with taking a closer look at yourself, but critical thinking is not functional if it paralyze or depresses you.

  • Accept.
  • Sometimes you just have a phase, a rock day in which negative feelings and thoughts grow easily. It is not always possible to feel positive or to think immediately, that also costs a lot of energy. Get your shoulders, make the most of it and sit out the ride. It goes by.

  • Read the opinions of others.
  • I’m not going to repeat, but other Quoranen wrote meaningful things. Take advantage of it and weigh with sobriety and try out what works best for you.


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    You don’t actually avoid negative thoughts, but put positive thoughts against it.You’re not going to fight with negative thoughts either. You just accept them. They give meaningful information.

    If you are afraid of something, for example a certain conversation, that is useful information.You say to yourself “stupid dick, you better not start here, you are a crappy bag”, then it means you can see it.

    There is positive and negative ratification.The negative gives information about your fears, but it is not necessary to call yourself a crappy bag.

    You can then be happy with the information (here I see, so I put it at the top of my list, then I have it faster) and give yourself positive ratification as well.”I may exist, I am a valuable man.”

    If you say that you are not worthless, then you are still having the worthless ones working, so instead you use positive terms.Valuable.

    Do you always say to yourself “make your side, I’m better dead” than you say for example.”I am allowed to live.”

    Negative thoughts are also not bad at all.They really do give information about how you feel. In addition, they give you the chance to evoke positive thoughts.

    “I can do it.I succeed. I can deal with this. “


    You can’t avoid it, but you can confirm it and then pay no attention to it.

    So every time you find yourself a looser, you say OK or aha!and continue what you were doing.

    You should not avoid negative thoughts, but process them.They indicate that something is wrong and that may be right. E.g. you feel bad that you have hurt someone. You say yourself that you have been wrong. They then process by putting the right.

    You also can’t actually be good at anything.The thoughts then trying to think is deceiving yourself.That’s bad. You’re bad at something? Get better.

    So better is learning from those signals.When they are processed they will not return. This also works with traumas: you have to confront yourself so much with your trauma until you get it to think about it. People are already doing this by doing the same story. So unconsciously they do self-therapy. Process by repeating.

    Processing negative thoughts is a learning process.The worst thing you can do is deny that they are there or displace them.You have to give meaning to your negative thoughts. If you are a bad person, then you can become a better person. Not by yourself for lying that it is not.

    In suicidal thoughts it is different.Then it helps treat yourself as if you are your own child; Your own child does not want to die, and if it leaves the courage, you must be strict and discipline your child. That can by forcing it to do things that otherwise would never want to do. Being strict for yourself can harden you. But not too strict. Loving yourself under your butt kicking.

    So negative thoughts can make you stronger.They can bring forth the good. Anger too. People get angry because of an injustice and they also use that anger to achieve the good. Never rests in negative feelings or thoughts. Do something for good.

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